RightFind® XML for Mining Solution

Boost the value and visibility of your content for text mining

To drive drug discovery and accelerate time-to-market, life science researchers use advanced text mining techniques to explore enormous volumes of biomedical literature, searching for patterns and connections to inform and guide R&D.   The difficulty in accessing full-text, properly licensed and formatted content presents a key challenge for text miners.

RightFind® XML for Mining from Copyright Clearance Center was developed in partnership with dozens of leading STM publishers to address that challenge—streamlining the text-mining process for researchers while creating new opportunities for publishers.

RightFind XML for Mining helps publishers to:

  • Increase visibility of their content among researchers for commercial text mining applications
  • Make it possible for researchers to purchase unsubscribed articles in XML format for mining
  • Reinforce and expand the value of existing subscriptions, and encourage new subscriptions
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of servicing one-off requests for text-mining rights
  • Support voluntary, market-based licensing solutions in the research community

RightFind XML for Mining benefits researchers by:

  • Aggregating content from multiple publishers into a single platform
  • Expanding search capabilities beyond the abstract and metadata to include full text
  • Automatically validating subscription status for each article in order to:

        – Make subscribed content available immediately for download and mining

       – Facilitate the purchase of unsubscribed content for mining

  • Providing normalized XML articles for easy ingestion into text mining software

Watch this video for more information.