Republication Service

The Most Comprehensive Source for Clearing 3rd-Party Permissions

Interested in Securing Permissions to Republish Content in New Works?

With CCC’s Republication Service, you can secure broad republication permissions for the world’s most sought-after content in one location.

  • Accelerate your time to market
  • Secure both print and digital permissions across a growing repertory of works from hundreds of participating rightsholders
  • Avoid high costs of one-off negotiations

Looking for Subsidiary Rights?

CCC has partnered with IPR License to make it easy to discover new books and negotiate subsidiary rights deals through an efficient online marketplace, TradeRights. Watch the video to learn more, or simply visit TradeRights to start searching across a vast selection of genres and territories.

NOTE: The licenses and services offered by IPR License are not part of CCC’s services, and the information provided here is not intended to suggest or imply any particular rightsholder’s use or endorsement of the IPR License services.

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