Patent Exploration Solution

Patents include important information not always represented in scientific literature, and the number of patent applications filed each year continues to rise. But quantity isn’t the only challenge in performing patent research. Obfuscated and misclassified patents and poor precision in search tools make patent searches a unique challenge.

CCC and SciBite have partnered to address this challenge, helping scientific professionals gain insight into competitors’ innovation strategies, industry trends, and potential patent monetization opportunities.

The Patent Exploration Solution uses semantic search to help patent researchers at Life Sciences organizations find relevant patents and information within patent documentation quickly, easily, and with greater precision.

Powered by SciBite’s DOCstore, TERMite, and VOCabs technologies and IFI’s CLAIMS real-time global patent database, this cloud-based solution can be implemented quickly without deploying IT resources.

Key Capabilities

  • Smart semantic search – Find relevant information with a comprehensive search that incorporates SciBite’s curated vocabularies with millions of synonyms and a named entity recognition engine
  • High quality global patent data – Get access to millions of global patent documents from more than 70 information sources from 90+ countries combined into a standard format
  • Patent data enrichment – Save time with data that uses standardized company names, English machine translations, patent status, expiration dates, claims summaries, and more.