Copyright Licensing to Reuse Required Trade
Books for EL Education’s K-8 Language Arts
Curriculum is Now Available

CCC now offers those U.S. schools and districts who use EL Education K-8 Language Arts Curriculum a cost-effective, copyright-compliant licensing service to reuse required trade book content during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students are learning at home, at school or both, leaving schools with the need to secure special reuse permissions from publishers. By using this service from CCC, EL Education and XanEdu, these schools have access to a single-source license covering the reuse, as well as print and distribution support, of all participating works as part of EL Education’s K-8 Language Arts Curriculum during the pandemic.

View a list of the content covered under this program and the reuse license fees for each.

What You Need to Know

To obtain both the reuse license(s) from CCC and the copy of the trade book content file from EL Education, the school or district must have previously obtained lawful original copies of the relevant trade books in the quantities required under the applicable EL Education curriculum guidelines.

The reuse license fees charged by CCC cover copyright permissions from participating publishers to share the content in print or digital form as indicated in the Special Terms on the order form and delivery of a copy of the relevant book content file from EL Education.

The fees charged by CCC do not cover any costs for copying the trade book content or distributing additional copies to students.

How to Place Your Order

Step 1:  Request Permission from CCC

Click the CCC order form link. Complete the entire form and be sure to specify the quantity of copies you wish to distribute to students and teachers in each grade. Review the terms and conditions and submit your order when you are done. CCC will create an account for you on their website ( and will process your order by the next business day. You will be prompted to download your order confirmation which includes the terms and conditions that govern your use of the trade book content.  This will be your only opportunity to retain a copy for your records.

2. Receive the Content File from EL Education 

Note that CCC is granting you a license to share the book content as confirmed in your email, subject to any Special Terms specified for a particular title.  EL Education provides the book content itself.

Once EL Education receives a copy of your order confirmation from CCC, they will email you a content file within three business days.  Within 30 days, you’ll receive an invoice for the license fee amount by email from CCC.

3. Distribute the Content to Students and Staff

Subject to the Special Terms on the order form for a given title, which are set by individual publishers, the licensed school/district may:

  • Print, photocopy, and distribute physical copies of the licensed book content to educators, students and their households for use with relevant lessons. See below for additional support on printing and distributing printed copies.
  • Post electronic copies of the licensed book content to a Learning Management System (LMS) for access only by school staff, by students and their households.
  • Email electronic copies of the book content to educators, students and their households.

Please be aware that you may only share the book content with the number of students and staff that you specified in your order form and only for the 2020-21 academic year. Be sure to submit a new order if your student count exceeds the quantity on your initial order.

Need Help with Printing and Delivery of Your Texts to Schools or Students?

CCC and EL Education have partnered with XanEdu to streamline the printing and distribution of the texts you select.  As the leading K-12 custom publisher, XanEdu K-12 Custom Publishing Solutions is the perfect partner to support educators of any size with complete printing and distribution solutions. Whether you’re seeking custom solutions for a single district or an entire state, XanEdu has the solutions to help you achieve a successful implementation. For more information or to order your printed materials, contact XanEdu at or 734-302-6500 x 6504.

Any Questions?

For questions regarding the EL Education curriculum and required books, or about your book content file, please contact

For questions regarding the CCC reuse licensing process or a specific license order, please contact