Attendees Get Smart on “Plan S” in Advance of Frankfurt Book Fair

October 5, 2018 – Danvers, Mass. – Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), a leader in advancing copyright, accelerating knowledge, and powering innovation, hosted a “pop-up” webinar in advance of Frankfurt Book Fair – Get Smart About “Plan S” – featuring Open Access (OA) expert Rob Johnson, founder and director of the UK’s Research Consulting on Tuesday, 2 October 2018.

Johnson offered a 30-minute crash course full of details and insights about one of the most important developments in OA publishing since the Finch Report. Announced just weeks ago, “Plan S” is an initiative of 12 European national research funding organizations known as cOAlition S. It puts pressure on OA publishing business models by capping article fees, ending embargoes, and withdrawing support for “hybrid” OA journals.

“The key message that the coalition is giving is that after 1 January 2020, any results, any publications, funded by these bodies must be compliant open access journals or compliant open access platforms,” said Johnson. “That’s the headline principle, and that’s very soon, and that’s a really radical move.”

Johnson added, “I think it’s about diversifying and accelerating the launch of full OA journals and putting in place the underpinning workflows and the systems for this as one of the other things that’s in the plan is a greater emphasis on compliance and sanctions. So, there’s going to need to be better metadata, better reporting, and better guidance and education.”

CCC is monitoring “Plan S” and will work closely with all parties to address the acceleration of the transition to OA publishing. As the business models and workflows used in scholarly publishing have evolved over the last 10 years, CCC supports the collaboration of industry stakeholders by creating forums and tools that promote sustainable, transparent, and streamlined practices.

As part of its partnership with The Frankfurt Book Fair (10th- 14th October), CCC will host a live panel presentation on “Plan S” at the Fair featuring Tim Britton, Managing Director, Open Research Group at Springer Nature, Malavika Legge, Acting Director of Publishing, Portland Press/the Biochemical Society, and David Ross, Executive Director, Open Access, SAGE Publications.

Get Smart About “Plan S”
Thursday, 11 October, 09:00 – 09:30
Location: Academic & Business Information Stage (Hall 4.2 N 101)
Breakfast will be served.

CCC’s booth at the Book Fair is in Hall 4.2 Stand E18. For more information, visit

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