Plugin unites Alfresco’s asset management functionality with Adobe InDesign’s capabilities within Ixxus’ powerful solutions

LONDON – December 12, 2017 – Data systems integration and knowledge engineering experts Ixxus today announced a strategic collaboration with Silicon Publishing. Under the agreement, Ixxus will resell Silicon’s extension to the Adobe Creative Cloud, Silicon Connector for Alfresco, on a subscription basis as a complement to Ixxus’ multiple content solutions, including the Ixxus Publishing Platform.

Silicon Connector for Alfresco aligns with Ixxus’ ongoing efforts to provide workflow automation services that integrate into customers’ existing tools for the full content lifecycle. The connector enables designers and others who primarily work within Adobe’s InDesign to access Alfresco-based content assets without having to change context. Rather than having to stop midstream to log in and access content elsewhere, designers can simply drag and drop Alfresco-based items directly into their layout, and maintain the links to approved and centrally stored assets.

In addition, the linkage is persistent, which means that any updates made to an asset in Alfresco are automatically applied to all documents that contain the asset. The result is that Ixxus can now offer its Alfresco-based customers true single-source asset management capabilities for enterprise authoring workflows. An entire team can work collaboratively with a single set of assets residing solely in Alfresco.

“We are delighted to work with Silicon Publishing to offer our customers such an innovative workflow tool to support their digital transformation efforts,” said Ixxus’ Chief Innovations Officer, Paul Twelftree. He explains: “Among other benefits, the Silicon Connector enables our Alfresco-based customers to achieve efficiencies at multiple points within the production workflow. They will now have utter confidence that their designers are working with the same ‘single source of truth’ content files—and, with Adobe InDesign, that all layouts are updated with the latest version of each contained asset.”

Silicon Publishing’s Co-Founder and President, Max Dunn, shared, “In the past year or so, we have received requests from many companies seeking an Alfresco/Adobe connector. We view this agreement with Ixxus as a great opportunity to provide a needed solution to Alfresco ECM users.”

About Silicon Publishing

Silicon Publishing was founded in 2000 by Max Dunn and Alissa Whitney, and has evolved to include a first-class group of software engineers, several of whom previously worked at Adobe developing the InDesign product. Thanks to the aggregation of unique talent from around the world, Silicon Publishing has grown to become the world’s leading provider of Adobe InDesign Server solutions, with deep capability for extending desktop and server InDesign CS and CC.