Danvers, Mass. – Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a not-for-profit organization and leading provider of licensing and content solutions, is working with HFA, the nation’s leading provider of rights management, licensing and royalty services for the music industry, to provide access to HFA’s music licensing services through copyright.com.

HFA is the largest provider of licenses for physical and digital reproduction of music in the U.S., covering uses such as CDs, permanent digital downloads, interactive streaming and ringtones.  CCC’s existing offerings include millions of rights for in- and out-of-print books, journals, newspapers, magazines, movies, television shows, images, blogs and ebooks.

“It is increasingly important to make rights licensing for all types of content more easily accessible,” said Roy Kaufman, Managing Director, New Ventures, CCC.  “Our relationship with HFA further ensures our customers effortless access to the rights they need without interruption to their workflow.”

“HFA is committed to enabling the licensing of copyrighted content, and working with CCC is a great opportunity to offer our streamlined music licensing solutions to a broad user base,” said Lauren Apolito, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development at HFA.

About HFA

HFA is the nation’s leading provider of rights management, licensing and royalty services for the music industry. With over 46,000 music publishing clients, HFA issues the largest number of licenses for the use of music in both physical and digital distribution formats. HFA also serves the D.I.Y. market with Songfile®, the company’s fast and easy online licensing tool. Slingshot, HFA’s rights management service offering, includes a suite of information management and technology solutions designed to simplify and facilitate the administration of intellectual property rights. As a technology innovator, HFA is leading the industry in establishing global data standards and is a founding member of the Digital Data Exchange (DDEX). Additionally, for the past four years HFA was recognized by InformationWeek on its Top 500 Relentless Innovators list. For more information about HFA visit harryfox.com and hfaslingshot.com

About CCC

A pioneer in voluntary collective licensing, CCC helps organizations integrate, access, and share information through licensing, content, software, and professional services. With expertise in copyright, information management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, CCC and its subsidiary RightsDirect collaborate with stakeholders to design and deliver innovative information solutions that power decision-making by harnessing information from a wide variety of data sources and content assets.