New Task Workflow Tool, Content Kanban, Empowers Organizations to Effectively and Efficiently Track and Manage Content Development

DANVERS, Mass. – April 3, 2018 – Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a global leader in content management, copyright licensing, discovery and delivery solutions, today announced the launch of task workflow tool, Content Kanban. Used in tandem with the Ixxus Publishing Platform (IPP), or as a standalone tool, Content Kanban provides intuitive content task tracking and management capabilities that streamline development, foster collaboration, and keep projects on schedule.

Publishers and organizations with content-centric workflows require a big-picture view of all content and tasks – from first drafts to finished products. Using the flexible methodology of Kanban, CCC applies the time-tested task-management framework to the lifecycle of content, from the simplest project to the most complex. As a result, teams are more organized and engaged, projects are completed on time and on budget and project updates are communicated faster and more accurately to stakeholders.

“Organizations of all sizes that are rooted in content understand the need for complete visibility into workflows, but few are able to achieve this level of transparency with time-wasted, manual processes,” said Jonathan Brett-Harris, Managing Director of Ixxus at CCC. “With Content Kanban, these organizations not only see content tasks stay on track, they can invest the time saved on status meetings and gathering project data and apply it to developing new workflows.”

Content Kanban features:

  • An intuitive UI with simple screens and in-product support: Users can quickly see the big picture and determine what needs to be done to keep projects on track and on schedule.
  • Flexible, rules-based workflow support: Empowers users to change rules, activities and workflows at any time during the project lifecycle to meet specific project needs.
  • Real-time updates and changes: All changes, edits and updates are reflected immediately and viewable by all users, in the Content Kanban dashboard and within IPP collections.
  • Search and filter options: Users can easily discover specific cards based on defined criteria including title, description, assignee, due date and priority, for painless reporting.
  • An integration with the Ixxus Publishing Platform (IPP): Users can easily generate a Kanban board from a collection or view an existing board within IPP.

Content Kanban is available now to new and existing Ixxus users, whether as part of IPP or as a professional services engagement with Ixxus. For more information, visit


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