FAQs - Marketplace Buyer Resource Center


What is Marketplace?

Marketplace is a new, comprehensive, next-generation ecommerce site that serves as the online hub for the purchase of rights from a select group of CCC’s Pay-Per-Use licensing services, including rights for republication, for reporting ILL borrowing, commercial document delivery, and photocopying for library reserves. Marketplace provides an advanced workflow and simple buying experience allowing you to easily search, find and obtain permissions to use publications from thousands of publishers around the world and to request article reprints from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).

How do I create an account on Marketplace?

You can create a new individual or organization account when prompted in Marketplace to log in. If you are registered with a CCC service, you will be prompted to log in using a registered email address.

What can I do in 'Manage Account'?

Within Manage Account on Marketplace, you can perform several actions, including:

  • Respond to special requests. You have the option to accept and add to cart, deny, add more comments, and upload more files.
  • Edit special requests. You can make changes to a request if prompted by a publisher, rather than having to cancel the original request and submit a new one.
  • View completed orders.
  • View and pay invoices.
  • View and delete projects.
  • View and change your account settings.

How do I edit a special request?

The editing special requests process is as follows:

  • From within Manage Account, select “edit” and navigate to the request details page. Here you can make updates to your original request, including new work and original content questions.
  • Updates will then be submitted to the publisher for review.
  • If changes to the request result in a priced response, you can add the item to your cart and check out. The original request is then closed and marked as “converted to a priced item.”

If I have accepted a publisher’s offer but have not checked out, can I still cancel the order?

If you have not added the item to your shopping cart, you can find it under the Special Requests tab in ‘Manage Account.’ Then you can change your response to the publisher from “Accept” to “Decline.” You can then cancel the order by going to your cart and removing the item.

What happens if I receive the publisher’s response to my Special Request and then I have a question or want to add additional information?

Within every Special Request there is the ability to add a comment or attach a file that you can then send back to the publisher.

Can I modify items in my shopping cart?

Yes. You can edit priced items directly in your cart rather than submitting a new request. Changes you make to the request details, whether the price remains the same or changes, will be reflected within the cart. If your edits result in a Special Request decision, you can submit that Special Request from within the cart.

I see that reprints are offered on Marketplace. How does the process work?

Marketplace will surface the Reprints/ePrints request form for all articles. When we receive a reprints/ePrints inquiry, our reprints team will do the work to provide you with a price quote for your review before guiding you through the reprints ordering process.

Are Marketplace searches at the article level?

Marketplace has default search functionality for journal content based on the availability of article-level data. Customers have asked for article level details on copyright.com, Marketplace will provide access to article information. Some journal publishers provide CCC with article-level metadata — when this is not provided, CCC uses available industry sources such as Crossref. If we do not have article data either from the publisher or from Crossref, there will not be article level search results — only title-level search results will surface.

What responses will I get for the republication types of use in Marketplace?

You can view pre-authorized/priced, denied, and special request responses in Marketplace on the Request Details page. Here you can change your answers to questions and get an updated response in real-time, without having to select ‘update price.’ You will be able to submit special requests, along with comments and an uploaded file, and check out priced items. You can pay with a credit card or by invoice and specify billing and address details for each order as part of the checkout workflow.

How long will an item stay in my shopping cart?

Items in your shopping cart will remain there indefinitely. Unless the item is no longer available, it will stay in your cart.

Which rights are currently available on Marketplace?

Rights for republication, for reporting ILL borrowing, commercial document delivery, and photocopying for library reserves are available on Marketplace. In the future, all transactional rights and content purchases will be made on Marketplace.

Why is CCC moving transactional permissions to a new website and what will happen to copyright.com?

Copyright.com continues to be the hub for copyright education and serve as a platform to promote CCC solutions and services. Marketplace will be our dedicated ecommerce site for all copyright permissions and content (article reprints requests and document delivery) in the future.

What do these changes mean for me as a customer?

The release of Marketplace is a chance to experience CCC’s next-generation transactional licensing services and provide licensees with improved workflows, special request features and project tools.

Republication customers have often requested a simple way to search for and obtain copyright permissions to republish or display content, communicate with publishers for special requests, and request article reprints. Repeat republication customers familiar with the legacy workflow on copyright.com will now have a more intuitive interface with Marketplace and benefit from article-level search, a new project-based template, and an improved communication channel with publishers for special requests.

Customers seeking rights for reporting ILL borrowing, commercial document delivery, and photocopying for library reserves, will also benefit from the capabilities above and a simpler buying experience, enabling them to more easily search, find and obtain permissions from thousands of publishers around the world.

What is the URL for CCC Marketplace?

The Marketplace URL is https://marketplace.copyright.com

How can I get more information about Marketplace?

To learn more about Marketplace, please contact us at 1-855-239-3415 or email support@copyright.com.

(Toll free in the US).