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Renaissance Dramatically Improves Assessment Development Using Advanced Item Editing Technology

While working on their Star Assessment item bank, Renaissance needed a solution to create content while also being able to preview content in an editing tool.

Renaissance administers 80 million Star Assessments tests on a yearly basis. The team who creates, edits, and designs the assessment content grappled with many technological issues that caused production bottlenecks and required learning platform updates. The processes were also error-prone, difficult to use, and time-consuming.

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) responded and recommended a unique approach to meet Renaissance’s needs using WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) Assessment Authoring Tool to allow authors to create and enrich content in a structured way, allowing them to describe its meaning rather than how the content looks.

Since launching the Assessment Authoring Tool created by CCC, Renaissance editors have improved efficiencies while creating and updating assessment items in Renaissance’s vast Item Bank. By working more efficiently, assessment content authors can complete test items faster and move on more quickly to working on new test items.

We partnered with Copyright Clearance Center because the solution they proposed was innovative and resonated with us more so than other options. CCC also developed the project scope to precisely match our requirements, and they demonstrated their technical capabilities with the positive past experiences of other clients.

—Justin Hess, Technical Lead of Integrations, Renaissance

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