How One K-12 Organization Streamlined Its Permissions Process

What: Webcast: The Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction
When: Tuesday, 14 September 2021
1:00 PM EDT, 10:00 AM PDT
Where: Online (via Zoom)

Like many organizations developing educational materials for K-12 students, literacy platform Simbi struggled with the often-challenging process of obtaining permissions to reuse copyrighted content in its software and services that support reading and empower access to education.

Join CCC and Emma House, Simbi’s Head of Publisher Relations, to learn how Simbi leverages CCC’s Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction to streamline its permissions process. Emma will share her insights from her experience with the new license and discuss how it helps add value to Simbi’s K-12 offerings.

The Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction eases the burden of obtaining one-off permissions by providing a broad repertory of print or digital rights that enable the reuse and distribution of excerpts of high-quality content in curriculum and instructional materials, ed tech applications, and online platforms such as learning management systems.

Don’t miss our 30-minute presentation to learn how the license helps Simbi and other ed tech providers, core and supplemental curriculum developers, and custom publishing companies gain permission to immediately reuse and distribute timely, diverse, local, and inclusive content.


Emma House
Head of Publisher Relations

Emma will share the story of Simbi’s struggles with obtaining permissions for K-12 content and how CCC’s new license helped streamline that process while adding value to Simbi’s offerings.

Roy Kaufman
Managing Director, Business Development
CCC (Copyright Clearance Center)

Roy will discuss how CCC developed the Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction and how your organization can use it to streamline your copyright permissions process.

Christopher Kenneally
Marketing Director
CCC (Copyright Clearance Center)

Christopher will moderate this webcast, including its live question and answer segment, and serve as the audience representative to propose topics and questions of most interest to you.