Optimizing Culture and Information Management: Best Practices for Emerging R&D-intensive Organizations

Biotech and other R&D-focused startups have their own unique set of operational and management challenges.  With often limited resources, staff and centralized tools, it can be difficult at the onset to set a proper foundation for continued and rapid growth.  That is why CCC teamed up with Dr. Joanne Kamens, leading expert in workplace culture and management for biotechnology and pharma, to offer a four-part webcast series designed to provide emerging R&D-intensive organizations best practices in culture, diversity & inclusion, information management, and data generation and management.

Building a Culture of Success: Managing People in Today’s R&D Organizations
People are an organization’s most important resource, but in the rush to get off the ground, nascent organizations rarely focus on honing this aspect of company culture. With a small amount of intentional work, organizations can dramatically increase chances of success by improving productivity and retaining talent. Learn how to launch a culture of management excellence and success from the very start of your company.

Fostering an Inclusive Culture from the Start: Tips for Emerging R&D Companies
Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords. In the current work climate, they must be the foundation of every organization’s culture. It’s much easier to start with inclusive best practices than to fix a culture that went off the rails for lack of early attention. Learn from our panel how you can make the most of your time and financial resources to build an inclusive company culture.

Information Management Excellence: Strategies for Emerging R&D Companies to Access & Organize Content
Access to the latest scientific research is vital for any R&D organization, but if you don’t streamline your processes from the start you can quickly end up with information silos and dozens of individual processes that don’t allow for effective collaboration. Join our panelists to learn best practices for putting tools, policies, and processes in place from the start to provide streamlined access to content and foster collaboration.

Lab Bench Information: Best Practices & Tools for Emerging R&D Organizations to Safeguard Experimental Outcomes
Quality data and results are the primary product of any R&D organization. Even more valuable? Being able to find all this information when you need it later during development. Organizations that generate better, reproducible data and can build on those results efficiently have an advantage. Join our panel to ensure you know all the best ways to start off with best practices in protocol, materials and data generation and management.

Dr. Kamens received her PhD from Harvard Medical School in Genetics. She has had a varied career in academia, pharma, biotech and nonprofit. She is currently serving as the interim Executive Director of Bentley University’s Center for Women and Business. For a decade she was executive director of the nonprofit biotech, Addgene. Dr. Kamens has been advancing diversity and inclusion for decades including as founder of the Boston chapter of the Association for Women in Science (MASS AWIS). She is currently Chair of the Seeding Labs Board of Directors and also serves as an advisor to Scismic, a job matching site for life scientists, and Protocols.io. Joanne consults around inclusive company culture. You can find her @jkamens on Twitter or on LinkedIn.