How Does Authentic Content Improve K-12 Curriculum and Instruction?

What: Webcast: The Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction
When: Thursday, 10 February 2022
2:30 PM EST, 11:30 AM PST
Where: Online (via Zoom)

The need for high-quality published content is growing as K-12 educators look to incorporate more authentic content into their curriculum. Compared to synthetic or public domain content, authentic content improves student engagement, particularly when drawing on works that are timely, diverse, local, and inclusive.

Despite this growing demand, most organizations rely on synthetic and public domain content when developing K-12 curriculum and instructional materials. For many of them, obtaining permission to use authentic content is difficult and expensive, since doing so traditionally requires securing rights to one work or excerpt at a time.

Join CCC and guest Roger Rosen, Chairman of Rosen Publishing, for a conversation on the importance of using authentic content when developing K-12 educational tools and services. Drawing on his experience working with educators and curriculum developers, Roger will discuss the importance of high-quality published content and speak to its distinct advantages over synthetic and public domain content.

Roger will also speak to Rosen’s experience as a participating publisher in the Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction (ACLCI), and how the ACLCI aligns with Rosen’s mission to serve students as an educational publishing house that produces more than 1,000 new pre-K-12 titles each year in print and digital formats.

The ACLCI eases the burden of obtaining one-off permissions by providing a broad repertory of print or digital rights that enable the reuse and distribution of excerpts of high-quality published content in curriculum and instructional materials, ed tech applications, and online platforms such as learning management systems.

Don’t miss our 45-minute presentation to learn about the advantages of using authentic content in your organization’s K-12 ELA offering, and how the ACLCI can help your organization easily reuse high-quality published content, including excerpts from books, newspapers, magazines, and websites, saving you time and money while improving the overall quality of your K-12 offering.

Roger Rosen
Rosen Publishing

Roger will discuss the benefits of using authentic content over synthetic and public domain content, as well as his organization’s experience participating in the ACLCI.

Samantha Kalman
Business Development Specialist
CCC (Copyright Clearance Center)

A former educator, Samantha will discuss how the ACLCI makes it easier for you to get the permissions you need to include high-quality published content in your K-12 offering.

Christopher Kenneally
Marketing Director
CCC (Copyright Clearance Center)

Christopher will moderate this webcast, including its live question and answer segment, and serve as audience representative to propose topics and questions of most interest to you.