Include More Diverse, Inclusive, and Engaging Copyrighted Content in Your K-12 Products

What: Webcast: Make Your Products More Compelling with Help from the CCC Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction
When: Tuesday, 31 January 2023
1:00 PM EST, 10:00 AM PST
Where: Online (via Zoom)

You’re invited to learn how you can easily enhance your K-12 products with copyright- and standards-compliant content, without having to contact publishers.

The Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction from CCC helps streamline your permissions process by providing print or digital reuse rights from a wide range of publishers. With the license, you can incorporate excerpts or articles from high-quality published content in K-12 curriculum and instructional materials, EdTech applications, and online platforms such as learning management systems.

The Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction allows you to reuse excerpts or articles from more than one million works, including:

  • Fiction and nonfiction books
  • Magazines (including our latest addition, “Highlights for Children”!)
  • Newspapers
  • Poem collections
  • Publisher websites

Join Samantha Kalman, a former K-12 educator, as she explores the license, including how it works and what it covers, its current adopters and participating publishers, and the benefits it can bring to your organization, such as:

  • Obtaining permission to reuse and distribute timely, diverse, local, and inclusive content in curriculum to help educators reach all learners
  • Adding value to your products with reuse rights to high-quality authentic content
  • Simplifying copyright compliance with a uniform set of print or digital reuse rights across a variety of publishers
  • Gaining the flexibility to add, remove, test, or use portions of published content in your products
  • Saving time and cost through easy and immediate verification of rights
  • Eliminating the need to negotiate with individual publishers and track usage

This 45-minute webcast will include a live question-and-answer segment.


Samantha Kalman
Business Development Specialist
CCC (Copyright Clearance Center)

About CCC
A not-for-profit organization, CCC has provided copyright licensing and content solutions to the academic market for more than three decades, empowering educators, librarians, staff, administrators, and those serving the academic market to use and share published content to enrich instruction while managing copyright compliance.