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The velocity of content is accelerating

Is your business keeping pace?

Content sharing is at the heart of your organization.

From research and industry news to workforce trends and legislative reform, sharing content is essential in business as it fosters collaboration and speeds up innovation.

And work-related content sharing by professionals is on the rise – now more than three times the rate of 2016.*

To better understand this increased “velocity of content,” analyst firm Outsell, Inc., the voice of the data and information industry, recently completed its Information Seeking, Consumption and Use Survey in partnership with Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC).

How much do employees use & share information today?

Ways employees use information at work

Respecting copyright is an important aspect of getting high-quality information. By obtaining the appropriate licenses and permissions, employees may share content from the most valued journals, blogs, news publications, and more, among trusted colleagues.  However, not everyone understands copyright, why it is so important or how to best manage compliance.

Watch the video below to learn more about ways to manage copyright and drive your business forward.


Centralizing Information Services Across the Globe: The Otsuka Case Study

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Do your employees understand your company's copyright policies?

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