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Copyright is like a chemical equation.

It needs to be balanced to work.

Research is at the heart of your organization.

Whether your company is manufacturing polymers, or creating drugs to treat patients, information allows you to transform raw materials into new products.

Respecting copyright allows fellow researchers, authors, and publishers to produce the articles you need to create new products out of raw materials. However not everyone understands copyright or why it is so important. Watch the below video to learn more.


How does the license benefit you?

How do your employees use information?

Are your employees using
these titles?

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How are employees in your industry using information?

Download research and advisory firm Outsell’s Information Seeking, Consumption, and Use Report for the chemical manufacturing industry to find out more.

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Negotiating rights with dozens or sometimes hundreds of publishers can be time consuming and costly. In today’s fast paced business world, getting the rights your organization needs can seem like a road block for your company’s goals.

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