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Your Annual Copyright License

The most efficient way to minimize risk as content sharing accelerates at work

Content sharing is at the heart of your organization.

From research and industry news to workforce trends and legislative reform, sharing content is essential in business as it fosters collaboration and speeds up innovation.

And work-related content sharing by professionals is on the rise – now more than three times the rate of 2016.*

Here you’ll find resources, including training sessions available to your organization, for understanding the risks associated with this increased “velocity of content,” and fully realizing the value of your Annual Copyright License for continuing organization-wide compliance.

The risk of employees using & sharing information today

Ways employees use information at work

Publishing’s Gender Pay Gap

Top Misconceptions About Copyright

Click here to uncover the truths for these common misconceptions and more.

Watch the video below for a refresher on how the Annual Copyright License empowers you to manage copyright, collaborate and drive your business forward.


Copyright Matters: What Every Corporate Counsel Should Know

Learn about legal trends and shifting perceptions in copyright and how they impact your company’s compliance policy.

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Update European Union poised to modernize copyright laws, approaching a Digital Single Market

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