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Since 1995,, from Copyright Clearance Center, has been used by millions of licensees around the world to request permission to reuse material from tens of thousands of global publishers. Originally established by CCC to make it easy for librarians to request permission from a handful of participating publishers, the licensing service has grown into a comprehensive resource for students, faculty, corporate librarians, information center managers, and even other publishers. In addition to delivering permissions to its traditional customers, complements CCC’s other products and solutions that combine licensing, content, software and professional services to advance the way people integrate, access and share information and services. is an advanced pay-per-use licensing service that offers academic, publishing and corporate users an easy way to request permission to reuse copyrighted content for a variety of purposes. By using, customers can request permission to:

  • Photocopy material from books, newspapers, journals and other publications for use in coursepacks and classroom handouts
  • Use and share information in library reserves, interlibrary loan and document delivery services
  • Post and share content electronically in e-reserves, course management systems, e-coursepacks and other e-learning environments
  • Distribute content via e-mail or post it to your intranet, Internet and extranet sites
  • Republish an article, book excerpt or other content in your own books, journals, newsletters and other materials makes copyright work for everyone. Get permission now.

The Future of and Pay-Per-Use Permissions
We’re expanding our pay-per-use service offering with Marketplace, our new one-stop-shop for rights, content and more.