Copyright Clearance Center Announces Latest Enhancements to RightFind™ Content Workflow Solution

Updated User Interface, New Data Source and APIs Headline June Software Release

Danvers, Mass. – Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a firm dedicated to creating global licensing and content solutions that make copyright work, has announced the latest enhancements to its cloud-based RightFind™ content workflow solution.

RightFind offers users immediate, easy access to a full range of content from thousands of journals while helping managers optimize those purchases and manage content spend, and is also the largest document delivery service. RightFind 7.0 includes three major enhancements:

– An updated user interface to simplify workflows and make it easier to search and find content.

– A CrossRef data feed to accelerate the pace at which newly published citations are available in RightFind.

– Two new APIs allowing customers to extract information from RightFind collections, so they can search holdings using other applications.

“Our latest release is about speed and choice,” said Lauren Tulloch, Director, Corporate Products and Services, CCC. “Our customers want seamless access to information. We’re enhancing the platform to improve the RightFind user experience while also making it easy to extract data from RightFind for use in other applications.”

As part of its RightFind content workflow solution suite, CCC offers RightFind™ XML for Mining. With it, commercial life science researchers can create sets of full-text XML articles from 5+ million articles from more than 6,000 peer-reviewed journals produced by over 40 STM publishers for use in third-party text mining software – in a copyright-compliant manner.

About Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is a global leader in content management, licensing, discovery and delivery solutions. Through its relationships with those who use and create content, CCC drives market-based solutions that fuel research, power publishing and respect copyright. With its subsidiaries RightsDirect and Ixxus, CCC provides solutions for millions of people from the world’s largest companies and academic institutions.