Multinational Copyright License

Copyright laws vary widely from country to country, making compliance a challenge especially when you have employees located in various parts of the world. These challenges include the lawful reuse of content among employees within countries, in different countries and scattered among corporate subsidiaries. 

The Multinational Copyright License (MCL) extends the coverage of CCC’s Annual Copyright License to your employees located outside the United States. Employees in more than 180 countries can reuse and collaborate using copyright-protected print and digital materials within your company to complement subscriptions and facilitate collaboration without tracking and management hassles, just like your U.S.- based employees.

The Multinational Copyright License Enables Employees Outside the U.S. to:

  • Embed a PDF of a recent article about the company into an internal company newsletter or post it to the company’s intranet site for employee awareness. 
  • Email a PDF of a journal article to a colleague in conjunction with a collaborative project they are working on together. 
  • Use portions of a work in an internal presentation at a company meeting or in an employee education program. 
  • Annotate and submit supporting articles to a government agency as required as part of a regulatory or patent filing. 
  • Share a PDF version of a recent newspaper article about the company in a briefing to the company’s Board of Directors.