As we progress through July into the second half of 2021, CCC is staying busy. We recently implemented a rebrand, adopting a new company logo and redesigning our website. And we have migrated all  transactional permission services to Marketplace, created a  K-12 online certificate course, and launched an Annual Copyright License for Curriculum and Instruction.


The CCC Marketplace, a comprehensive, next-generation ecommerce site that serves as the online hub for the purchase of rights from a select group of CCC’s Pay-Per-Use licensing services, will be the new home for all transactional permission services.

Copyright Essentials for K-12

The Copyright Essentials for K-12 online certificate course was created in response to the overwhelming demand from K-12 educators, curriculum developers, and administrators across the country. The course  addresses areas of copyright that relate to CCC’s June 9 Town Hall, The Future of Collective Licensing—Copyright in the Digital Marketplace. Speakers included R. Bruce Rich, Mark Seeley, and Lois F. Wasoff, who co-wrote the free ebook, Creating Solutions Together: Lessons to Inform the Future of Collective Licensing.

Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction

We know educators, school districts and education technology providers care about respecting intellectual property, but they lack the dedicated staff with specialized knowledge needed to manage copyright at scale. As the market is looking for new ways to handle remote learning and manage an emerging DEI-centered curriculum, we created the Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction to make it easier to provide students with the best possible content.

CCC’s roots are in collective licensing, and that remains the foundation of our business. Over time, we’ve added software, content, and professional services to our portfolio to help organizations access and share information. These new initiatives reflect who CCC is today and what we are all about: advancing copyright, accelerating knowledge, and powering innovation. Subscribe to the Velocity of Content Blog and Podcast to learn more, and stay tuned for additional CCC updates throughout the year.

Author: Joel DiMambro

Joel DiMambro joined CCC in March 2019 and currently serves as a Marketing Specialist. He is a graduate of Merrimack College, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Marketing.
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