RightsLink for Scientific Communications October 2019 Release Supports Transformative Agreements

The October 2019 release of RightsLink for Scientific Communications is focused on features and enhancements that align with our vision of a robust platform for supporting transformative agreements. Read on for highlights from these exciting enhancements. 

RightsLink Author is now RightsLink for Scientific Communications. In transitioning from RightsLink Author to RightsLink for Scientific Communications, CCC worked closely with its customers, their OA stakeholders, and RightsLink partners to create a robust and flexible platform that meets current market needs and accommodates future requirements. RightsLink for Scientific Communications supports Read and Publish, Publish and Read, Pure Open Access, Deposit, Membership, and many more emerging transformative agreements. Learn more in our recent press release 

Publishers can easily track spending through dashboards and related tools for your Deposit, Read and Publish and Publish and Read agreements. While working with publishers on emerging deals and their requirements, we recognized the importance of automation in supporting both deposit/prepaid accounts and Read and Publish spending caps. This release will allow publishers to create agreements with a monetary spending threshold. In support of this threshold feature, the agreement’s monetary status will be visible on both the publisher and institution dashboard and a notification can be created to alert stakeholders when a threshold balance dips below the set amount.   

Publishers can better support funding decisions made by institutions through improved datapoints and flexible messaging. In response to institutional administrators’ feedback, useful datapoints have been added to the funding dashboard like Journal Name, DOI, and Creative Commons License. The dashboard also provides primary author information separately from all other authors.  

Publisher can select new reminder mechanisms to prompt authors to submit payment for charges not funded in a first APC transaction. For publishers who trigger publication charges like cover, page, and color late in the production lifecycle, as well as publishers using the agreement management tools and offering charges beyond those funded by their institutional agreements, new “secondary notifications” are available to alert authors of updated charge information 

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Author: Shannon Reville

Shannon Reville has been a Product Manager with Copyright Clearance Center since June 2017. She previously held several service and technology roles at Liberty Mutual Insurance where she honed her skills in software product ownership. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of New Hampshire, a master’s in project management from Boston University, and enjoys performing with her local community theater.
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