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Highlights from the 41st SSP Annual Meeting | Copyright Clearance Center

We’ve selected posts from across social media that capture the exciting conversations, insights, and connections created at the 41st SSP Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA from May 29-31.

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Kurt Heisler

Author: Kurt Heisler

Kurt Heisler is Director of Sales, Publisher, at CCC. He has been with CCC for over a decade assisting global publishers in expanding their licensing and permission business. For the past five years, he has focused on the Open Access aspect of the publishing business. Prior to CCC, he worked in silicon valley with internet start-ups, cable TV, video-on-demand and online gaming industries.
Chuck Hemenway

Author: Chuck Hemenway

Chuck Hemenway is Director of Sales, Publisher, for Copyright Clearance Center. He has been with CCC for 15 years, and is responsible for helping publishers find efficiency through automation, technology and market-wide collaboration. His primary focus is the market-wide adoption of the RightsLink Author platform, and the exploration of new efficiencies and revenue opportunities for publishers.

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