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For Open Access Week 2020, CCC is sharing unique perspectives and resources all week on Open Access. Today, we are happy to share our Top 5 recent insights on Open Access Publishing from the past year.


5. Making Open Access More Approachable for Researchers in the Chemistry Setting

By Molly Buccini, Marketing Communications Manager for Copyright Clearance Center, 15 September 2020

For many researchers looking to become authors in Open Access journals, questions remain. Thus, the inception of ACS’s Open Science Resource Center.


4. Getting the Combination Right For Transformative Agreements

By Christopher Kenneally, Director, Marketing for Copyright Clearance Center, 19 March 2020

Copyright Clearance Center brings together leaders from across Publishing to discuss the transition to Open Access.


3. Publishing & The Pandemic

By Christopher Kenneally, Director, Marketing for Copyright Clearance Center, 3 April 2020

In a special report for Beyond the Book, CCC’s Christopher Kenneally visits virtually with journalists, publishers and industry analysts in France, Italy, Spain and Mexico to examine the impact COVID-19 has had on the publishing industry.


2. Publishing in an Open Access Journal: How Do You Maximize Reach?

, Head, Global Stakeholder Engagement at Cactus Communications,

One of the main reasons to publish in an Open Access journal is to ensure the largest possible societal impact of their research findings through availability to peers, the public, and to policymakers. The ability to expand an article’s reach and readership resides in the article’s visibility.


1. White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Opens Inquiry into Open Science

By Roy Kaufman, Managing Director, Business Development and Government Relations for Copyright Clearance Center, 18 May 2020

The meaning of “open science” is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, everyone favors more openness in science, but there are many views on what “openness” entails and how scholarly and scientific publishing should get there.

Author: Jon Handel

Jon Handel is a Marketing Content Specialist at Copyright Clearance Center. His background includes content strategy and creation in the health care and real estate industries. Outside of the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn daughter, reading subversive literature, and supporting Arsenal Football Club.
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