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As International Open Access Week 2020 comes to a close, in support of this year’s theme, Open with Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion, CCC is launching its Open Access Workflow Services, a comprehensive consulting practice that offers strategic Open Access (OA) and Transformative Agreement workflow support to publishers, funders, institutions and other stakeholders in the scholarly communications ecosystem.

CCC’s consultants draw on first-hand experience in implementing OA agreements with more than 400 institutions through its RightsLink for Scientific Communications platform, which offers insights on how to set up transformative agreements that are supportable and sustainable.

Besides helping advance copyright, accelerate knowledge, and power innovation, CCC’s Open Access Workflow Services help organizations build diversity and inclusion strategies within their OA and digital transformation workflows.

“Funding communities, government agencies, and research institutions are mandating that more journal content is published Open Access,” says Emily Sheahan, Vice President and Managing Director, CCC. “But openness can also be a powerful tool for building more equitable knowledge-sharing systems.”

In conjunction with equitable knowledge-sharing, OA Workflow Services from CCC help publishers and their partners identify and implement strategies that accelerate progress, advance organizational objectives, improve workflow design, as well as analyze and optimize metadata:

  • Accelerate progress — Through workshop facilitation among stakeholders — including institutional and funding partners — CCC helps articulate current challenges and offers guidance and tools that lead to building strategic, scalable transformative agreement workflows.
  • Advance organizational objectives — Through education about the shifting market landscape and insights into transformative agreement workflows, CCC helps clients conduct organizational audits and create prioritized action plans that support building workflows to manage transformation.
  • Improve workflow design — CCC’s expertise in workflow design helps develop sustainable, adaptable workflows through analysis of supporting systems, data gaps, and agreement attributes.
  • Analyze and optimize metadata — Standardized, persistent metadata is a key component to successful and compliant transformative agreements. Through data gathering and analysis, customers can identify what is working, spot gaps, and fine-tune data to support business strategy.

An initiative of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), Open Access Week is an opportunity for the academic and research community to learn about the potential benefits of Open Access and to share insights with colleagues from around the globe.

As Open Access 2020 continues, CCC encourages inclusion and engagement through its ongoing series of roundtables, panel events, webinars and podcasts. Recently, CCC hosted a virtual Town Hall to review the latest developments in Transformative Agreements and to discuss how innovation is rising to the Open Access challenge.

Publishers racing toward Plan S-compliance can rely on CCC’s Open Access Workflow Services to improve the management of data, content, and processes, to develop workflows, new business models, products, and services to their constituents, and to unlock the value of their content and data.

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To learn more about our Open Access Workflow Services, read our recent press release here.


Author: Jon Handel

Jon Handel is a Marketing Content Specialist at Copyright Clearance Center. His background includes content strategy and creation in the health care and real estate industries. Outside of the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn daughter, reading subversive literature, and supporting Arsenal Football Club.
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