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As an unprecedented OASPA 2020 Conference comes to a close today, publishers continue to grapple with questions around how to manage Open Access in a time of global challenge. With questions surrounding the future of Open Access in a changed world, publishers seek direction from experienced leaders in the industry to guide them through the rough waters of change.

With that in mind, CCC has announced Open Access Workflow Services, a comprehensive consulting practice providing strategic Open Access (OA) and Transformative Agreement workflow support to publishers, funders, institutions and other key stakeholders in the scholarly communications ecosystem.

This consultancy service provides many levels of OA and transformative agreement workflow support to publishers, institutions, and other key stakeholders in the scholarly communications ecosystem. Through facilitated workshops, analysis of the organization’s current state, and recommendations for change management and operations, our consultants work with publishers on a transformative agreement workflow strategy that allows the publishers and their stakeholders to take actionable steps in advancing OA business objectives. You can learn more about our consultants here.

Our OA consulting services help publishers identify and implement strategies and solutions that:

  • Improve collaboration with all OA stakeholders – both internally and externally
  • Fast-track organizational objectives
  • Improve workflow design to build supportable, sustainable practices
  • Create a roadmap toward future success including metadata and systems analysis
  • Achieve alignment on next steps through reporting and business analysis

“Funding communities, government agencies, and research institutions are mandating that more journal content is published open access and COVID-19 is amplifying that push,” said Emily Sheahan, Vice President and Managing Director, CCC. “Working closely with innovative publishers, funders, and institutions to address market needs, our OA Workflow Services are well-positioned to help all stakeholders streamline the management of transformative agreements and accelerate business model evolution.”

CCC has developed deep expertise in creating market-driven solutions since the early days of OA. RightsLink is used by more than 30 leading publishers representing over 2,400 journals and supports thousands of authors.

Additional Insights

To learn more about CCC’s work and expertise in Open Access Publishing, Discover our insights on OA with recent blog posts and podcasts.


Author: Jon Handel

Jon Handel is a Marketing Content Specialist at Copyright Clearance Center. His background includes content strategy and creation in the health care and real estate industries. Outside of the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn daughter, reading subversive literature, and supporting Arsenal Football Club.
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