CCC recently announced powerful new permissions and project management capabilities for medical communications professionals on CCC Marketplace, a one-stop shop for licensing requests and article reprints.

Medical communications professionals can now visit CCC Marketplace and follow a single workflow process to license content from a number of leading STM publisher partners including the American Medical Association, Oxford University Press, SAGE Publications, Springer Nature, Wiley, and Wolters Kluwer for reuse in medical communications projects.

Publisher partners that choose to offer reuse rights through CCC Marketplace have a streamlined workflow, using CCC Publisher Portal to communicate with the requestor, price and approve orders, and search a complete history of prior medical communications requests.

“We’ve worked closely with the top global medical communications agencies and publisher partners to design a unique copyright permission solution that’s both easy to use and efficient,” said Emily Sheahan, Vice President and Managing Director, Information and Content Solutions, CCC. “We’re pleased to deliver this user-friendly E-commerce solution to meet the evolving needs of publishers and their valued customers.”

In addition to reuse rights to more than 100 million articles, as well as 24-hour customer service, Marketplace has new enhancements, including:

  • Enhanced Medical Communications project functionality.
  • Flexible invoicing and billing in multiple currencies.
  • The ability to consolidate orders, purchase rights on behalf of multiple clients, and view the license generated for each item ordered.


Author: CCC

A pioneer in voluntary collective licensing, CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) helps organizations integrate, access, and share information through licensing, content, software, and professional services. With expertise in copyright, information management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, CCC and its subsidiary RightsDirect collaborate with stakeholders to design and deliver innovative information solutions that power decision-making by harnessing information from a wide variety of data sources and content assets.
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