On December 2 at noon CET, CCC’s Chris Kenneally will moderate, “Moving RROs Beyond Text”, the third of three 60 minutes symposia programmed under the overall theme, Copyright & Collective Licensing: New Demands in the Decade, as part of the IFRRO International Conference.

The session will look at new patterns of content creation, use, and re-use, especially video, audio and podcasts, and address issues and concerns related to remote working and distance learning, particularly the impacts on copyright and collective licensing. It will explore audio and video as a leading medium for education and entertainment, with a particular focus on the impact on creativity and creators.

Speakers include Eva Güell, Digital Business Consultant; Jim King, CEO, Spoken Giants; and Karthik Krishnan, CEO Venture Chair, NYU Professor.

Author: CCC

A pioneer in voluntary collective licensing, CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) helps organizations integrate, access, and share information through licensing, content, software, and professional services. With expertise in copyright, information management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, CCC and its subsidiary RightsDirect collaborate with stakeholders to design and deliver innovative information solutions that power decision-making by harnessing information from a wide variety of data sources and content assets.
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