CCC announced that Gold Open Access publisher Frontiers has adopted the industry-leading Ringgold Identify Database as its PID solution in a press release today.

With over 600,000 Ringgold PIDs and metadata records, the Ringgold Identify Database provides a curated view of organization data to help stakeholders improve data quality, drive strategic decision-making, and support data interoperability across the scholarly communications ecosystem. Used by intermediaries, funders, institutions, and a growing list of leading publishers, the Ringgold Identify Database is the only solution to offer structured organizational hierarchies and consortia connections to help stakeholders quickly understand complex relationships. The Ringgold Identify Database includes rich metadata and additional identifiers, including the ISNI ID, an open ISO standard to support wider interoperability.

CCC is a long-time supporter of the creation, development, and proliferation of identifiers. Its acquisition of Ringgold reflects CCC’s ongoing commitment to promoting data interoperability, addressing market friction, and collaborating with stakeholders like Frontiers to create solutions together.

“Before adopting the Ringgold Identify Database, our team spent far too much time going back and forth with the institution curation and validation to make sure we had accurate data. We selected Ringgold above all other PID options because its comprehensive and curated data set is critical in reducing our administrative burden while improving service to our researchers.”
– Andrei Jigman, Lead Product Manager, Frontiers.

“Data quality is vitally important to innovative publishers like Frontiers. Access to a professionally curated, granular dataset to identify organizational relationships—and therefore accurately identify funding entitlements—is a strategic priority for publishers committed to sustainable, equitable, and transparent OA publishing models.”
– Emily Sheahan, Vice President & Managing Director, CCC


Author: CCC

A pioneer in voluntary collective licensing, CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) is a leading information solutions provider to organizations around the world. With deep domain expertise in copyright, technology, content, PIDs, FAIR data principles, metadata, and more, CCC works to advance copyright, accelerate knowledge, and power innovation. CCC and its subsidiary RightsDirect help organizations harness the power of data, AI, and machine learning to drive strategic decision-making, grow their businesses, and gain competitive advantage.
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