On Wednesday, 19 May 2021 at 11:00am EDT, 5:00pm CEST, CCC will host a 60-minute virtual panel discussion on “Automating Information Management and Discovery in Emerging Life Science Organizations.”

In emerging life science organizations, R&D is, in many ways, the foundation of the company and often the biggest driver of success. A vast amount of research is done before the pipeline is advanced to the point of developing a marketable product, yet speed to market is critical. In early days, budgets are tight, resources and staff are lean, and thoughts about allocating a dedicated information management professional are usually not feasible.

Without centralized information management tools in place, how can you be sure your organization is being efficient in its access to scientific literature and research, facilitating collaboration across teams to drive innovation, and remaining copyright compliant?

Join me, along with Heather Desmarais, President of HJD Consulting LLC and Lisa Geller, PhD, JD, Head of Intellectual Property, Frequency Therapeutics, and Sarah Jo Smith, APTD, Training Coordinator, Signature Science, LLC, for an engaging discussion around the unique research and information challenges of emerging life science organizations. You’ll also get a brief demo of how CCC’s RightFind® content workflow solution can deliver a more efficient research process, cost-effective, self-service information center, simplified copyright compliance, and a strong competitive advantage.

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Heather Desmarais

Heather Desmarais, President, HDJ Consulting LLC

Lisa Geller, PhD, JD, Head of Intellectual Property, Frequency Therapeutics

Sarah Jo Smith, APTD, Training Coordinator, Signature Science, LLC

Chris Hilbert, Sales Solution Engineer, Copyright Clearance Center

As companies grow, their information needs grow, as well. CCC recognizes the difficulty in balancing current needs with future growth and is committed to providing smaller life science companies with a sustainable workflow solution to address information “underload” and copyright compliance challenges that grows with the company. Learn more about CCC’s RightFind for Emerging Life Science Companies.


Author: Keri Mattaliano

Keri Mattaliano is a Director of Corporate Solutions for the RightFind Suite in CCC’s Corporate Business Unit. Keri develops go-to-market strategies, conducts market research and competitive analysis, creates customer personas, and develops product positioning and sales training and tools to drive demand for our products. Keri started with CCC in 2011 and has had roles in customer service, account management and client engagement, including managing the client services team in Cologne, Germany in 2014 & 2015. According to the Master’s degree from Rutgers University that her dad framed, she is a librarian, however, she has never worked in a library.
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