Optimizing Research to Accelerate Food Innovation

Meeting the daily evolution of consumer trends and setting the pace with disruptive innovation is the perennial challenge for food and other consumer package goods (CPG) companies. Big and small, new and old, the challenge is the same: how to discover key research, transform it into winning, breakthrough initiatives, and do it collaboratively and efficiently.

Join CCC, CJB and Associates, and a panel of leading R&D experts on 12 May 2022 from 12:00-1:00pm EDT for a discussion on the state of research practices in food and beverage organizations.

You can expect an engaging dialogue on how information best practices and technological accelerants can help streamline innovation, discovery, compliance, collaboration and responsiveness across R&D organizations.

What type of companies is this session for? All types, and not exclusively food and beverage. Research startups, ingredient companies, universities, Fortune food and beverage companies, and any company involved in research and development.

What roles is this session for? This session is for everyone. Research is a collaborative process with stakeholders across the organization: quality assurance, product developers, managers, researchers, legal, applied science, sales, marketing, and more.

I don’t do research in my role. Can I still come? Absolutely, and you might be surprised to learn how key research initiatives can support you in your role.

What kinds of information will the panel cover?

  • How scientific research is used to support innovation in Food companies today
  • Common pain points in using and managing scientific literature
  • Best practices to vet the veracity of the research
  • Tips for better managing and leveraging scientific literature to fuel innovation

Moderator: David Key, Director of Business Development, CJB and Associates


  • Carlos Barroso, Founder & President, CJB and Associates
  • Jeff George, SVP of Corporate R&D, Hain Celestial
  • Amenah Ibrahim, Principle, AI R&D Project Management Services, LLC.

Learn more about if this session is right for you and register here.

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Author: Rachael Shove

Rachael Shove is a marketing communications manager responsible for writing and producing compelling content and campaigns to expand CCC’s visibility, build awareness for expanding product and service offerings, and educate audiences in the corporate market. Prior to joining CCC, Rachael managed marketing strategies for major consumer and not-for-profit organizations including Westfield Shopping Centers and Special Olympics, and has an MA, Communications from the University of Connecticut.
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