CCC and the OA Switchboard, a global, not-for-profit collaboration between funders, institutions and publishers, have announced a collaboration to automate the exchange of OA transactional information between publishers and their customers through the OA Switchboard.

The OA Switchboard provides essential infrastructure and standardized reporting to facilitate the fulfillment of OA strategies across business models, policies, and agreements. The organization strives to help make the research ecosystem work better for everyone.

By connecting CCC’s RightsLink for Scientific Communications (RLSC) with the OA Switchboard, more than 30 leading publishers representing thousands of scholarly journals will soon be able to create more granular, informative reports to help guide them, their institutional customers and research funders through the transition to OA. With rich metadata from over 1,000 institutions and funders, RLSC supports a comprehensive range of transformative deals, pure OA agreements, membership discounts, APCs, and other financial arrangements between publishers and institutions, providing real-time transaction data for all stakeholders that now can be automatically integrated into OA Switchboard reporting.

“CCC is committed to helping the scholarly ecosystem improve the author experience and simplify the complexity associated with OA management,” said Tracey Armstrong, President and CEO, CCC. “We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with the OA Switchboard to support community-driven, shared infrastructure.”

“Through this enhanced interoperability between RLSC and the OA Switchboard and its connectors, we will better streamline communications and data exchanges between stakeholders,” said Yvonne Campfens, Executive Director, OA Switchboard. “This important initiative will facilitate increased transparency and improve data quality on article-level deal eligibility and transactional charges.”

CCC is the trusted solution partner in the information industry’s evolution of hybrid and pure OA publishing models. For years, CCC has brought together key OA stakeholders from the author, publisher, institution, funding, and vendor communities through roundtables, panel events, webinars, and podcasts. CCC is a member of OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association), ALPSP (Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers), STM (International Association of STM Publishers) and SSP (Society for Scholarly Publishing).


Author: CCC

A pioneer in voluntary collective licensing, CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) helps organizations integrate, access, and share information through licensing, content, software, and professional services. With expertise in copyright, information management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, CCC and its subsidiary RightsDirect collaborate with stakeholders to design and deliver innovative information solutions that power decision-making by harnessing information from a wide variety of data sources and content assets.
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