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Complying with copyright law is more challenging to academic institutions than ever before. The traditional focus on photocopied classroom handouts and paper-based interlibrary loan has evolved into a more complex set of content uses such as the Internet, Learning Management Systems, customized coursepacks and e-reserves. These newer, faster and more convenient ways of using and sharing information are prompting educators and students alike to ask a whole new set of copyright questions.

This Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance helps answer these questions. It addresses difficult copyright questions and provides guidelines and resources—including a sample compliance policy—to help academic institutions like yours ensure compliance campus-wide.

Regardless of your level of copyright awareness, this guide can serve as a valuable information resource for you. For those who are new to the subject, it addresses the basics by providing an overview of copyright law and fair use. For more experienced users, it offers information on increasingly complex compliance issues such as the use and distribution of copyrighted material in the online environment. To help you get directly to the information that matters most to you, use our Quick Links.

The Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance is based on copyright law as it exists in the United States. The guide is not intended to provide legal advice or to serve as a substitute for legal counsel. We encourage you to review and utilize a wide range of copyright compliance materials and resources to develop a compliance culture that suits the unique needs of your institution.

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