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  1. What am I purchasing?
    When you use's pay-per-use services, you're purchasing permission to reuse text-based copyrighted content that you already have in your possession. For example, you need to photocopy an article from a popular newspaper and distribute those copies to others.'s pay-per-use service provides you with the ability to purchase a license that specifies the terms and conditions of the permission type that you selected for the use and distribution of content from a specific publication.

  2. What do I need to do to purchase permission?
    Getting permission is an easy three-step process:

    1. Find the publication that you need to use. Our basic search is available at the top of almost every page on More search options are available if you want to use additional search criteria to narrow your search.
    2. Tell us how you want to reuse the publication—then we'll let you know whether permission is available for that type of use and the price of that permission.
    3. Purchase the permission that you need using our simple checkout process.
  3. How much will the permission cost?
    The only charges you will be responsible for are the royalty fees set by the rightsholder and a Copyright Clearance Center processing fee of $3.50 per granted request. The royalty fees are set by the publisher and vary by publication and permission type. can provide you with a quick price quote prior to committing to a purchase. You do not need an account to check prices.

  4. Are there any conditions attached to the permission I purchase?
    Yes. On your order confirmation page and in your order history, you will be presented with Copyright Clearance Center's standard terms and conditions for the items in your order. Rightsholders may attach special conditions to certain uses of content. These special rightsholder terms can be reviewed during the checkout process and are also included on your order confirmation page and order history.

  5. After I purchase permission, what do I need to do?
    After you complete the checkout process, review the terms and conditions (we suggest you print a copy for your records). Additionally, we suggest that you print and use the citation information that is provided on your order confirmation page and the order's order history page. Sometimes referred to as the "attribution" or "credit line," the citation information can be used to ensure that you properly give credit to the rightsholder of the content you are using. You can view and print the citation information from the order confirmation page or your order history.

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