Becoming Digital: Where Is Your Organization on the Digital Transformation Journey?

Digital transformation might be in vogue, but few organizations can truly call themselves “digital-first.”  

Citing research from over 100 companies across several industries, in this exclusive white paper, Dr. Deborah Soule examines challenges organizations face in becoming digital and provide practical steps leadership can take to cultivate transformative change.

About the Author:

Dr. Deborah Soule conducts research on the interaction between technology and organizations, with particular attention to the dynamics of learning, collaboration and change. She has over 15 years of experience leading research and development projects in both industrial and academic settings, including MIT and Harvard, plus ten years of client-facing responsibility as an organizational and technical subject matter expert. Earlier in her career, she worked on product development programs for a large chemical company in Europe.

Featuring a foreword from David Worlock:

David Worlock has over thirty years of experience as a Digital Strategist and Advisor in publishing. In 1985, David founded Electronic Publishing Services Ltd. (EPS), a research and consultancy company working with the digital content industry in developing strategies for products and markets in consumer and business sectors. Outsell, Inc acquired EPS in 2006. David chairs Outsell’s Leadership Councils, a member-service for over 150 CEOs and senior executives of media publishing and information-provider companies in the USA and Europe. Also, David is Senior Advisor at Quayle Munro, the independent mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, and a board member at Map of Agriculture, a big data start-up in agribusiness.