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  • Natural Language Processing for Digital Transformation of Unstructured Text

    Life science organizations are embracing the digital revolution, but digital transformation demands data transformation, and this includes developing strategies to access information buried in unstructured text. Many top pharma and healthcare organizations are using the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transform unstructured text into actionable structured data that can be rapidly visualized and analyzed, for decision support from bench to bedside. In this webinar, we will present use cases from pharma, including effective text mining of scientific abstracts and full text papers for rare disease insights.

  • Building Bridges to Knowledge: From the Minds of Content Creators to the Minds of Users


    Digital transformation isn’t a switch but an evolutionary, incremental process, a journey shaped both by strategic goals and customer need and demand. It’s precisely that customer demand that SAGE Publishing responded to when they developed and launched their SAGE Video series.

    Listen to a recording of this session with Kiren Shoman (Editorial Director, SAGE Publishing) for a discussion on the evolutionary nature of digital transformation in academic publishing, staying true to SAGE’s mission, and how technology plays a supporting role in helping SAGE transfer ideas from the minds of the content creators to the minds of users. Kiren also highlights their work in developing their SAGE Video portfolio to the market alongside textbooks to support diverse research and learning needs of students and researchers across disciplines, course levels and geographical location.

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  • Webinar: Becoming Digital – Where is Your Organization on the Digital Transformation Journey?

    Digital technologies impact the way we access and make decisions based on the wealth of information. For many organizations, “Digital Transformation” is the order of the day. But digital transformation can mean many different things to different companies.

    Listen to this session with speaker Dr. Deborah Soule for a discussion around the transformation journey and the multiple dimensions of change across the organization affecting people, processes and technology. Citing research from over 100 companies across several industries, Dr. Soule will talk about some of the challenges organizations face in becoming digital and provide some practical steps leadership can take to cultivate transformative change.

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  • Get Smart About “Plan S” With Rob Johnson

    “Plan S” was announced in early September (2018) and now everyone in scholarly publishing is talking about it.

    An initiative of 11 European national research funding organizations, “Plan S” puts pressure on Open Access publishing business models by capping article fees, ending embargoes and withdrawing support for “hybrid” OA journals.

    Register to listen to a webinar featuring OA expert Rob Johnson of the UK’s Research Consulting to get all the details and the insights you’ll need about “Plan S.”

    The “S” in “Plan S” can stand for “science, speed, solution, shock,” says Robert-Jan Smits, the European Commission’s OA special envoy. But you can make it stand for “Smart.”

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  • Getting on the Road to Intelligent Content: No Time Like the Present

    Content is a publisher’s most valuable asset; it sits at the core of all business and it’s what makes an organization unique. To maximize the lifetime value of content and meet the evolving needs of customers, publishers need to be able to quickly find, reuse and repackage content. But doing so requires a change in mindset from a traditional print-based workflow to a ‘digital-first’ workflow where content is produced free of format and can be easily repurposed, reused and distributed across all publishing channels.

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  • Connecting Researchers To Scientific Content: The Genmab Solution

    Life science companies face many difficult challenges as they grow. When it comes to relevant scientific content, they can struggle to provide access for researchers that is organized, comprehensive and copyright-aware.

    Join RightsDirect on 1 February 2018 at 9:00 EST/ 15:00 CET, as we discuss with Frank Rebers how the award-winning biotechnology company, Genmab, overcame these challenges. Frank, a Ph.D. biologist with 15+ years experience in drug development will share how he and his team strategically:

    • Secured access to relevant journals.
    • Navigated copyright.
    • Managed obligations in drug development.
  • Taming Content Chaos, Reining in Cost

    Content is a vital part of your business but if employees can’t easily find, modify and reuse important material, the results could affect your bottom line.

    Join CCC and Ixxus for a discussion around the challenges companies face in controlling costs associated with creating and managing internal and external content in the organization and how solutions from Ixxus can help you can tackle the problem.

    In this session, you’ll learn about:

    • Key content development and management challenges
    • How companies are currently addressing these challenges
    • Best practices to establish a content program
    • How Ixxus solutions can help you accelerate your organization’s digital transformation initiatives while keeping overhead costs in check

    Speaker: Ian Synge, Head of Product (Ixxus)

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  • Guide to Semantic Enrichment for Information Managers

    Join CCC and SciBite for a look at the benefits of semantic enrichment and text mining. They’ll talk about the current information landscape today, will cover how semantic enrichment works and will discuss how information managers can use text mining to provide better research opportunities to their clients.

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  • The State of Information Management in 2017 Tips, Trends & Technologies

    Despite the overwhelming need for scholarly content, most information managers undergo tough scrutiny to demonstrate the value of their information center – and their role within their organization.

    On Wednesday, 19 April, join CCC for a discussion around the trends and challenges facing information managers today – with expert advice on the skills and resources necessary for success. The live webinar will feature panelists from Shire and Syngenta.

    We’ll cover:

    • The changes in technology that impact today’s information managers
    • The skills needed for success in the evolving landscape
    • The top trends information managers should prepare for in the coming year

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  • Movie Scenes: Deliver Serious Messages in an Entertaining Way

    Tired of dry, boring meetings and presentations? Listen to Becky Pike Pluth of the Bob Pike Group and CCC’s Liz Bilodeau to learn how adding movie scenes can help put power, punch, and pizzazz into meetings and learning.

    The use of movie scenes can help deliver a serious message and be motivational and entertaining at the same time. In this interactive webinar, they explored:

    • Six ways to use a single movie scene.
    • A three-step process for selecting the best methodology.
    • How to easily select and legally use movie scenes in your next training, meeting or presentation.

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  • Using Music at Work – Balancing Creativity and Compliance

    Your company is a creative powerhouse. Setting aside formal titles and departments, your employees are creators, producers and publishers of content. And they don’t just reside in your marketing and corporate communications departments, they’re spread out across the org chart developing presentations, videos, web content to help motivate and train employees, engage with customers and prospects, recruit new talent and build your company’s brand. They rely on external content to get the job done and increasingly that means using music sourced from the web.

    For legal counsel, fielding one-off employee requests for this content can be time-consuming and often leads to an answer of “No” which can be frustrating for all parties. Of greater concern are those employees that are unaware of the licensing issues associated with using music in presentations and videos.

    Listen to business, technology, entertainment, and licensing lawyer Joy Butler as she discusses:

    • The use of music in the workplace
    • The different types of music licenses
    • The copyright implications
    • How in-house counsel can minimize risk while enabling employees to express their creativity.

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  • Copyright in Academia

    From course management systems to e-reserves, technology and changes to copyright law are affecting the way faculty, staff, and students share information. This program is intended to provide a quick, but in-depth look at important concerns surrounding the use of copyright-protected content within an academic environment.

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  • Global Copyright Challenges

    In business, there are no geographic boundaries. Employees exchange information regardless of where they are located. Yet copyright obligations often vary from one country to the next, creating a complex set of challenges for global organizations.

    This session features:

    • An overview of global copyright fundamentals
    • A focus on the complexities of global copyright in today’s business world
    • A question and answer session

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  • Copyright in the Proprietary Institution

    Beneficial as both an initial exposure to copyright, as well as a refresher for those who contend with these issues regularly, Copyright in the Proprietary Institution is appropriate for librarians, faculty and staff members, administrators, bookstore, copy shop and reprographic personnel, IT professionals, course developers, students, and anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of copyright in a for-profit academic environment.

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  • Getting Started with Movie Scenes

    Great movies grab attention immediately, providing a treasure trove of metaphors, situations and stories from which teachers, trainers and managers can draw. In this upcoming webinar, Becky Pluth of The Bob Pike Group will use movie clips to engage attendees in discussion about ways to teach, energize and inspire your audience. Attendees will learn to recognize the key components in selecting a movie or TV scene for presentations and how movies can be compliantly incorporated into your meetings and trainings.

    Session Outcomes

    • Grab, ignite and keep your team engaged and involved in your meeting with movie clips
    • Recognize key components in selecting a movie segment for meetings and teaching
    • Analyze a movie scene already being used and discuss why it was selected and how incorporated

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  • Wiley’s 2016 Society Membership Survey: What You Need to Know

    Earlier this year, 13,000 researchers, university faculty, government staff and many others who produce, consume, or support research told the annual Wiley Membership Survey what they need from societies.

    Join Wiley executives Bill Deluise, Vice President, Society Strategy & Marketing and David Nygren, Vice President, Research Insights for a “first look” at the survey results and what they mean to you.

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  • Using Text Mining to Improve Patient Care

    In this one-hour webinar hosted by CCC, presenters Jonathan Hartmann, Senior Clinical Informationist and Head of Data Management at Georgetown University Medical Center, and Guy Singh, Senior Manager, Product and Strategic Alliances at Linguamatics, will explore the application and impact of text mining on patient care at Georgetown University Medical Center. In this session the speakers will present a novel use case of applying text mining tools during and after patient rounds in a hospital. Jonathan will discuss his use of text mining on a tablet computer to extract information to aid physicians’ decision making on their daily visits to their patients’ bedsides. Jonathan text mines information from MEDLINE and other sources to enable real time operational use during hospital rounds.

    Jonathan will provide a look back over the past few years to see how the solution has evolved from its inception to how it is being used today. He’ll also walk through a series of real life case studies to illustrate how the solution has assisted physicians in their diagnosis and treatment of patients.

    CCC’s Chris Kenneally will facilitate the session.

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  • Copyright and Publishing

    Produced specifically for the publishing community, “Copyright and Publishing” focuses on the basics of U.S. copyright law, including a copyright holder’s privileges and obligations, and when permission may be required. Participants will also have the opportunity to take part in an interactive question and answer session for clarification on some of the nuances of copyright they may encounter in their everyday work.

    This session features: 

    • U.S. Copyright Basics
    • Limitations and Exceptions
    • Strategies for Success

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  • Audit Time for Your Society Publishing Program

    Copyright Clearance Center invites you to attend a complimentary webinar on best practices in society publishing with experienced publishing strategist Kathey Alexander.

    Scholarly publishing programs critically impact the direction of a society – for better and for worse. Yet key stakeholders – authors, reviewers and editors, as well as supporting staff, society leadership and publishers – don’t always enjoy a complete understanding of the many elements that comprise a successful journal.

    An audit may be the answer.

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  • Copyright at Work

    If you’ve ever been puzzled by copyright questions, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the copyright experts and to expand your respect for intellectual property. Not only will you get answers to your copyright questions, but you’ll also learn how to minimize your company’s exposure to illegal content use.

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  • Revitalizing Membership: How Member Organizations are Rethinking and Redefining Their Value

    From advocacy to access, members ask their scholarly societies to do more than ever. Executives and editors must reach the researcher community with a strong, forward-thinking message – or face tough questions at renewal time.

    In a conversation moderated by Society for Scholarly Publishing President Ann Michael, three guest speakers will share their views on what drives a successful membership program. CCC invites you to explore the factors shaping the future effectiveness, vibrancy, and success of membership organizations.

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  • For Open Access, The Next Wave is Value-Added Author Services

    Copyright Clearance Center extends the capabilities of our RightsLink for Open Access platform with the addition of a complete Author reprints module. Now, authors can order reprints, ePrints, or both, for any of their published journal articles, through our partner, Sheridan Press.

    Join CCC and special guest Amy Shriver of Sheridan for a complimentary webinar and in just 30 minutes, learn how RightsLink for Open Access leverages manuscript metadata to generate offer emails; order and shipment confirmations; and invoices.

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  • The Role of Text Mining at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

    Text mining is beginning to establish its place across the life sciences industry as a way for researchers to quickly analyze massive amounts of literature, as well as conference abstracts, patents and clinical data to help inform and guide R&D. From drug discovery and clinical trial development to drug safety monitoring and competitive intelligence, text mining has many applications for life science companies.

    Join Jon Hill, Principal Scientist in Computational Biology at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, as he discusses the application, outcomes and business value of text mining, its impact on early drug discovery, and what the future may hold.

    In this session, Jon will also explore:

    • The various sources of text-based data
    • The impact of mixing data types
    • How text mining works in practice
    • Mining full-text articles versus abstracts

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  • Text Mining Along the Drug Development Pipeline

    On average, the amount of time to research and develop a single drug can take 10 years at a cost of $2.6 billion*. Life sciences researchers are increasingly looking toward tools and technologies that reduce costs, improve efficiency and thus increase the speed at which they are reaching valuable insights across the drug discovery pipeline. Text mining in particular is playing an important role in speeding up the process of R&D. From discovery to clinical development to post-approval research and monitoring – text mining has enabled researchers to pursue promising new therapies and pivot away from lesser candidates.

    Join Jane Reed, Head of Life Sciences Strategy at Linguamatics, as she explores the application and business value of text mining in the life sciences through a series of real world examples. Learn about the value text mining brings to the R&D process along the drug discovery and development pipeline, some of the challenges researchers face in getting to the content they need and what they can do to address those issues.

    *PhRMA Biopharmaceutical Industry Profile 2015, (Washington, DC: PhRMA, April 2015).

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  • Open Access Success Stories: Get Your OA Program Noticed

    Research goes on as ever in the lab and in the field. But researchers in today’s Open Access environment have a lot more than only science to think about.

    For help, OA authors turn to publishers for services that enable discoverability and expand public understanding. This support builds lasting relationships with valued contributors.

    Kudos co-founder Charlie Rapple will share how to maximize the reach and impact of research publications with plain language explanations of research and tools that map outreach to motivate authors to participate in promotion of their work.

    You’ll learn how funders and faculty committees see demonstrable results, while the public understands better how tax money is spent. And how authors have success.

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  • Raising the Profile of Your Information Center

    The role of the corporate librarian is one undergoing continual change and growth.  In today’s corporate information centers, librarians are faced with endless challenges from shrinking budgets and limited resources, to ever-changing technology and information sources.  Today’s corporate librarian has to juggle many roles, including analytics, marketing and operations.

    Join Andrew Clark, Director and Head of Global Information & Competitive Intelligence at UCB, as he discusses UCB’s challenges and how he has raised the profile of his information center through:

    • Internal marketing and communication
    • Employee training
    • Cross-departmental collaboration
    • Relationship building and more!

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  • Does this Look Like the Trade Show of the Future?

    “Yes, it does!” say many in the publishing industry. They continue to prize the chance to build global relationships as well as make rights and licensing deals face-to-face.

    Join with Tom Chalmers, Managing Director, IPR License, and Thomas Minkus, Vice President, Frankfurt Book Fair to hear what publishing trade shows need to do to stay relevant. And how technology can help you to handle the challenges of subsidiary rights licensing in a 24/7/365 world?

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  • Is Open Access Coming for Scholarly Books?

    Most academics today expect to find Open Access research in scholarly journals, yet there are a growing number of OA books published each year.

    Join Melissanne Scheld, Managing Director, Publishers Communication Group to learn why and when Open Access could be coming for long-form scholarly publishing.

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  • Open Access, which Direction?

    Fast and furious: That describes the change underway in scholarly publishing. Keeping up with the pace – and preparing for what lies around the corner – are critical.

    Join industry analysts Mark Ware, Ware Consulting and Deni Auclair, Outsell, Inc. to hear about the latest in Open Access news and market trends.

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  • Minimizing Corporate Copyright Infringement: A Look at Wells Fargo’s Strategy

    An employee is the sole subscriber to a newsletter and forwards a PDF of it regularly to others on his team. Another employee shares her login credentials for a publisher website so others on her team can read the articles on the site. Risky? Absolutely.

    Join Carrie Hefte, Wells Fargo’s Senior Company Counsel-IP for a look at common employee misconceptions about copyright law that have created infringement risks for her organization and that could exist at your company as well. She will share her own experiences in mitigating risk and share some of her best practices for promoting copyright compliance company-wide.

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  • The Pragmatic Text Miner

    Life sciences companies are increasingly relying on text and data mining to glean important insights from vast amounts of published information. From drug discovery and clinical trial development to drug safety monitoring and competitive intelligence, text mining has many applications for life science companies.

    Join Lars Juhl Jensen, professor at Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research at the Panum Institute Copenhagen, as he discusses text mining of biomedical literature, the challenges researchers face in building large collections of content to mine and what bioinformatics professionals need to address these issues.

    This session was sponsored by Copyright Clearance Center.

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  • The Changing Role of Information Professionals

    Corporate libraries, once treasured by R&D-driven organizations, now face greater scrutiny by management to demonstrate their value. Today’s information professionals find themselves in the unfamiliar waters of financial reporting, creative marketing, and networking across departments to justify their existence in the workplace.

    Join library and copyright expert Marija Markovic as she provides practical tips to help you transition your library from the traditional role of research support to a multi-faceted, data-driven service center.

    This webinar was sponsored by Copyright Clearance Center.

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  • Mitigating Infringement Risk: Creating a Solid Copyright Strategy

    Business professionals share published information at an average rate of 34 times per week. Yet more than ½ either don’t have a copyright policy, don’t know if they do, or simply don’t know what’s in it. At the convergence of frequent content usage and less-than-ideal copyright awareness there is infringement risk. 
    Join Patrick Flaherty, Verizon Assistant General Counsel, as he shares practical steps you can take to mitigate copyright infringement risk at your organization. See how Verizon Communications developed and manages copyright compliance across a workforce of more than 176,000 employees around the world. 
    This webinar was sponsored by Copyright Clearance Center.

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  • Video, Music and Text, Oh My… Managing Copyright Compliance in a Multimedia World

    In today’s workplace, employees use and share more copyrighted content than ever, from published articles to online images, music and videos. In fact, a 2013 Outsell report showed that 81% of surveyed workers share content with team members weekly. At a time when employees have access to more content and many more ways to share it, managing copyright compliance can be tricky.

    Join Gretchen Klebasko, Director of Intellectual Property and Associate General Counsel for Legg Mason, as she provides practical tips for identifying compliance trouble spots related to text, image, video and social media uses and steps you can take to minimize infringement risk.

    This webinar was sponsored by Copyright Clearance Center.

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  • The Marriage of Library and Legal: How Pfizer is Building a Smarter, Compliant Workflow

    License agreements, copyright policies, content delivery, subscriptions, information workflow…sound familiar? Your colleagues want faster, better ways to get and share information. Your company wants cost-efficiency. How do you support research, collaboration, and protect your company from infringement risk?

    Join Pfizer’s Senior Corporate Counsel Katrina Edge and Senior Manager of Information & Library Services Jane Burke as they share tips on how corporate counsel and information managers can team up to accelerate information access for staff and tackle copyright compliance more effectively.

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