Ixxus Launches the Ixxus Publishing Platform, an End-to-End Content & Publishing Solution

London, UK – Content and publishing expert Ixxus has today announced the launch of the Ixxus Publishing Platform (IPP), an end-to-end publishing solution designed to streamline, support and enable the editorial process from conception to publication.

The Ixxus Publishing Platform has been designed to meet common publishing challenges. The company, known for its innovative approach to content management and consultancy, has previously created custom solutions for publishing giants such as Pearson, Wiley and Cengage.

By combining enterprise content management with specialist publishing tools, digital asset management, business process management and content enrichment, the Ixxus Publishing Platform supports and streamlines the publishing process from start to finish. Clients gain a single robust, scalable and reliable platform to store, manage and leverage all of their creative content.

“By providing one ‘single source of truth’ repository for all creative content, and integrating tools to enhance and support global collaboration, the Ixxus Publishing Platform delivers big editorial efficiencies while helping users to work together more effectively,” explained Ian Synge, Product Manager.

“The Ixxus Publishing Platform delivers much more than a content management system,” added Renee Swank, VP of Discovery at Ixxus and product owner for the Ixxus Publishing Platform, “The platform enables content modelling, linking, and reuse; allowing users to repurpose existing assets to create new and targeted products. What that means for our clients is that they can explore new and more tailored products, drive new revenue opportunities, and maximize the lifetime value of every digital asset.”

To arrange a demo or enquire about pricing, please contact sales@ixxus.com

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