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In business, there are no geographic boundaries. Employees exchange information regardless of where they are located. Yet copyright obligations often vary from one country to the next, creating a complex set of challenges for global organizations to be copyright compliant.

As technology continues to simplify the way workers find and share information, RightsDirect's licensing solutions provide simple, cost-effective ways to help employees share content across national borders.

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The Multinational Copyright License

The Multinational Copyright License simplifies copyright compliance by providing organizations with the rights to share content worldwide from millions of information sources.

Employees can use information from a variety of content sources and the license provides the freedom to share material from a vast catalog of print and electronic publications, from journals, newspapers and magazines to books and blogs.

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The rights advisory tool DirectPathâ„¢ enables users to instantly and accurately check license coverage of publications online. DirectPathâ„¢ is included in the purchase of Multinational Copyright License or the VG WORT Digital Copyright License and tells users if and how they can share published content.

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OnCopyright Education

Whether you are just beginning to develop your copyright awareness program or you are looking for focused refresher courses, RightsDirect offers a variety of options to meet your specific needs. Our instructor-led programs incorporate group discussions, question and answer sessions, and analysis of real-world scenarios.

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