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December 17, 2014

Article in CHEManger: Tauschbörse mit Anhang

RightsDirect’s Joerg Weizendoerfer explains the benefits of having one annual license to grant employees the usage rights they need to share and store copyrighted materials. READ MORE (Article is only available in German)

November 6, 2014

Copyright Clearance Center Acquires Infotrieve

Danvers, Mass. – Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a global rights licensing technology and content solutions organization, announced today it has acquired Infotrieve, Inc., a leader in enterprise SaaS software and business services for scientific, technical and medical (STM) published content. The acquisition enables CCC to deliver new value to its corporate customers and publishers by combining Infotrieve’s best-in-class content management technology, document delivery solutions and business services with CCC’s global copyright licensing expertise. Combined, the companies service more than 35,000 customers in more than 140 countries. Terms were not disclosed. READ MORE

September 30, 2014

Selling Rights in the Digital Age

In the latest edition of Copyright Worldwide, Lynette Owen, rights expert and former Copyright Director at Pearson Education, compares selling traditional and digital rights. She also analyzes online marketplaces for subsidiary rights with RightsDirect’s Michael Healy and addresses how international writers and publishers can sell their rights on the Anglo-Saxon market. LISTEN NOW.

July 30, 2014

The Librarian in the Digital Age

Document delivery, open access, and rentals are creating new portals to information. But what does this new blend of content access mean for the enterprise? In this edition of “Copyright Worldwide,” CCC’s Ryan Jones speaks with RightsDirect’s Mitja Linss on changes in access to information and the evolving role of the librarian in the digital age. LISTEN NOW.

May 29, 2014

New RightsDirect Podcast: Publishing Gone Digital

Long gone are the days of waiting for the mail or newspapers. In the world of technology, information can travel the world in mere seconds. In minutes, information can go viral. Jens Bammel, the secretary-general at International Publishers Association (IPA), discusses the efforts to harmonize copyright on a global scale and the new value of publishing in a digital world. This podcast is available in both English and German.

May 22, 2014

RightsDirect featured in Trademarks and Brands Online

Global organizations protect their own intellectual property from misappropriation. However, employees often use share and store information without considering the intellectual property rights of others. RightsDirect’s Kate Alzapieidi explains in TBO the benefits of having one annual license to grant employees the usage rights they need. READ MORE.

April 3, 2014

Life Science IP Review Takes a Look at Copyright

Information fuels discoveries, especially in pharmaceutical and life science companies. Yet the need for information is often in conflict with copyright: Whether or not paid for or freely available, scientific literature can not necessarily be shared or stored internally. RightsDirect’s Kate Alazpiedi presents copyright use cases and solutions in this article published in Life Sciences IP Review. READ MORE.

April 3, 2014

Article in Laborpraxis: Copyright in Scientific Labs

Scientific labs rely heavily on the ability to share and store the latest research such as peer-reviewed articles. However, subscriptions rarely include reuse rights for researchers to redistribute, share or store content. RightsDirect's Joerg Weizendoerfer takes an analytical look at copyright in Life Sciences and Chemical labs in this article featured in Laborpraxis (in German language). READ MORE.

March 11, 2014

RightsDirect featured in PROCESS

Pharmaceutical and chemical companies often rely on sharing and storing the latest scientific research. But subscriptions and article puchases rarely come with the rights to share publications companywide and store in central databases. An annual copyright license helps to minimize the risk of copyright infringement. RightsDirect's Joerg Weizendoerfer takes a look at copyright in Life Sciences in an article featured in German industry magazine Process (in German only). READ MORE

February 28, 2014

RightsDirect's White Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility featured on Research Information

Are you a good corporate citizen? In a white paper by RightsDirect featured on Research Information's viewpoint, you can learn how respect for intellectual property of others is increasingly part of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The paper also explains why content, whether paid for or free, is not always free to share and re-use. READ MORE

January 13, 2014

RightsDirect announces upcoming 2014 OnCopyright Webinar Series

RightsDirect invites interested participants to join complimentary webinars in its upcoming 2014 Educational OnCopyright Program. In the course of one hour, viewers can learn more about the basics of copyright in an international business environment. On January 21 RightsDirect's Inez van Leuzen will give an overview on Copyright Challenges in a Global Environment in English language. For our German viewers, RightsDirect's Joerg Weizendoerfer will specifically address Copyright Challenges for German organizations in German language on January 22. REGISTER HERE.

October 31, 2013

RightsDirect at Pharma-Bio-Med 2013

RightsDirect is presenting licensing and content workflow solutions for the Pharma and Life Sciences industries at the Pharma-Bio-Med 2013 conference from November 3-5 in Berlin/Germany. Meet the RightsDirect team at the RightsDirect booth and at a special copyright workshop on November 3. Read the press release in German

September 3, 2013

New White Paper: Corporate Social Responsibility - Good Corporate Citizens Respect Copyright and the Property of Others

Organizations worldwide are under increasing demand to function in responsible and sustainable ways. Learn how socially responsible organizations include the protection of copyright and intellectual property of others in their broader CSR initiatives across global offices. Download new white paper here

April 4,2013

Compliance & Ethics Professional Magazine Features Article on Good Corporate Citizenship and the Respect for Intellectual Property

Miles McNamee, VP of Licensing and Business Development at RightsDirect's parent company Copyright Clearance Center, discusses the respect for the intellectual property of others in this article co-authored with compliance and corporate social responsibility expert Michael Rasmussen.

March 25, 2013

RightsDirect and CCC Announce Webinar Series "Copyright in Motion"

Along with its parent company CCC, RightsDirect is launching a webinar series exploring the changing ways people around the world find, share, store and license content. The 23 April session will focus on mobile technology, cloud sharing, global copyright considerations, social media copyright implications and content licensing options.

March 14, 2013

RightsDirect featured in Intellectual Property Magazine

Kim Zwollo, General Manager of RightsDirect, takes a look at the copyright challenges and solutions surrounding content exchange in this article published in UK-based Intellectual Property Magazine

January 24, 2013

RightsDirect featured in CHEManager

Copyright compliance matters to research-driven chemical corporations with multinational offices. In this article, Joerg Weizendoerfer of RightsDirect explores what companies in the chemical industry can do to avoid unintended copyright infringement while sharing proprietary scientific content and how they can simplify global copyright compliance (in German language only)

January 10, 2013

New Podcast

As European economies struggle for financial footing at the opening of 2013, ministers in Brussels, London, Paris and Berlin see hope in the digital future. According to the European Commission, the digital economy in Europe is expected to grow seven times faster than overall EU GDP. In this edition of “Copyright & the Continent" Victoriano Colodron, Senior Director, Global Relations with Copyright Clearance Center speaks with CCC's Christopher Kenneally about the economic potential of copyright in Europe

December 10, 2012

New article in MaschinenMarkt

Joerg Weizendoerfer, Business Development Director RightsDirect, explains why copyright compliance is a challenge for multinational manufacturing corporations and how they can simplify copyright compliance across global offices (article in German language only).

November 13, 2012

New article in IOS Press

Kim Zwollo, General Manager of RightsDirect, discusses content use in business, academia, government agencies and other industry sectors and the need to obtain the rights to lawfully share digital content. He also focuses on the steps publishers can take to make this exchange of content beneficial for both sides.

October 19, 2012

New article in PIPA (Pharmaceutical Information and Pharmacovigilance Association) journal PIPELINE

Kate Alzapiedi, Business Development Director, RightsDirect, addresses some of the challenges faced by multinational pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses in managing copyright compliance and discusses some of the solutions to address these challenges.

October 2, 2012

New podcast interview with Christian Sprang, head of legal affairs at the German Publishers and Booksellers Association (Boersenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels)

With the Frankfurt Book Fair opening in a week, Mitja Linss of RightsDirect, the European subsidiary of Copyright Clearance Center, turns his attention to the host country, Germany. To discuss that nation’s latest legal developments and new business models based on copyright licensing, Linss spoke recently with Christian Sprang, the head of legal affairs at the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, or Boersenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, an organization that represents more than 5,500 German publishing houses and bookstores. Listen now.

This podcast is also available in German.

September 25, 2012

Inez van Leuzen joins RightsDirect team as Account Manager

RightsDirect is pleased to announce that Inez van Leuzen has recently joined the RightsDirect team as an Account Manager. She is responsible for building awareness of RightsDirect’s copyright licensing solutions in Europe and managing license renewals with European customers. Inez previously worked at Elsevier for almost a decade and has collaborated closely with corporate information and research departments across all industry sectors. Having worked in account management and account development roles for nearly fifteen years, she has extensive experience in consultative selling, promotion and training of scientific information solutions. Inez holds a master’s degree in arts and museology from the University of Amsterdam. Inez is based in Amsterdam and can be reached at ivanleuzen@rightsdirect.com.

July 20, 2012

New article in the Journal of the European Association for Health Information and Libraries

Kate Alzapiedi, Business Development Director, RightsDirect, addresses some of the challenges multinational pharmaceutical businesses face in managing copyright compliance due to the extensive and varied use of scientific information made by their employees and discusses some of the solutions to address these challenges.

July 9, 2012

Die VG WORT bietet jetzt durch Ihren Vertriebspartner RightsDirect eine Digitale Linzevereinbarung speziell für den deutschen Markt an.

Die VG WORT bietet jetzt durch Ihren Vertriebspartner RightsDirect eine Digitale Lizenzvereinbarung speziell für den deutschen Markt an. Mit dieser wird deutschen Unternehmen, Behörden und Organisationen das Recht eingeräumt, Millionen deutscher und amerikanischer Quellen – wie zum Beispiel Artikel aus wissenschaftlichen, technischen und medizinischen Fachzeitschriften – unternehmensweit und rund um den Globus digital zu nutzen. Als Ergebnis eines kürzlich unterzeichneten Gegenseitigkeitsvertrags zwischen dem US-amerikanischen Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) und der VG WORT ermöglicht die Lizenz die Nutzung des CCC Repertoires sowie deutscher Werke. Lesen Sie die Vollversion.

June 12, 2012

Online Zertifikatskurs für deutsches Urheberrecht

Das Seminar vermittelt die juristischen Grundkenntnisse, die im Umgang mit urheberrechtlich schutzfähigen Werken unbedingt erforderlich sind. Ziel des Seminars ist der mühelose und kompetente alltägliche Umgang mit diesen Werken und den dazugehörigen Rechten.

Erfahren Sie mehr.

April 27, 2012

RightsDirect interview with VG WORT

Email, intranets, databases, collaboration platforms - employees in all kinds of organizations reuse and share published information on a daily basis. Collaboration is essential in modern, efficient companies, and digital sharing of copyright-protected content is one of its major components. This routine sharing, however, represents a very specific challenge when it comes to obtaining the necessary permissions to do so. Copyright compliance can get more complicated when employees reuse both domestic and international materials across borders, in multiple countries. RightsDirect's Joerg Weizendoerfer speaks with Joint CEOs Rainer Just and Robert Staats about the new VG WORT Digital Copyright License, how CCC and RightsDirect are involved, the publications and content uses the license covers and how it fits into the German copyright system. Listen now.

March 22, 2012

New podcast interview with Max von Abendroth, EMMA Executive Director

Across Europe, magazine publishers have greeted the arrival of the Apple iPad with cheers. As media consumption of such tablets and other handheld devices grows in popularity, publishers see an opportunity to establish new business models for digital news and entertainment. Subscriptions and app purchases are among the ways magazines hope to engage readers and remain economically sustainable. Keynote speaker at the Future Media Lab conference in Brussels Juan Señor wryly observed that if publishers are to be successful, consumers may come to equate iPad with iPay. RightsDirect's Victoriano Colodrón spoke with EMMA's (European Magazine Media Assocation) Executive Director, Max von Abendroth about the impact of the iPad in publishing and how some in the industry are looking at new business models for transaction selling (one or two articles versus the entire publication). Listen now.

February 6, 2012

RightsDirect to offer new VG WORT Digital Copyright License to German organizations

German copyright collective management society, VG WORT, has developed a license and concluded a new business arrangement with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to meet the licensing needs of German organizations and their worldwide subsidiaries. RightsDirect is the licensing agent in Germany for VG WORT.

The new VG WORT Digital Copyright License simplifies copyright compliance by providing employees of German organizations and their worldwide subsidiaries with the rights to share content around the world from millions of German and international information sources while respecting the intellectual property rights of others.

The new license includes rights from more than 12,000 international rightsholders as well as 400,000 German authors and publishers including Beck, Thieme, Springer, De Gruyter and Hanser.

Learn more about the VG WORT Digital Copyright License.

January 23, 2012

New podcast interview with Victoriano Colodron, Executive Director of RightsDirect

It’s a decade since the European Commission set out to create a uniform regime in Europe for intellectual property rights. For the tenth anniversary of that important effort – the 2001 InfoSoc Directive – the Commission presented in 2011 a new strategic approach, linking promotion and protection of IP rights as a way to boost creativity and innovation.

“One of the things the Commission said they would focus on was to push for a solution for multi-territorial licensing in Europe,” Victoriano Colodron of RightsDirect, CCC’s European subsidiary, explained to CCC’s Chris Kenneally. “They clearly see that there is a market gap – there is a problem. European citizens in one country cannot access efficient licensing solutions online for digital content across all member states. And the Commission is very much committed to solving that. That’s going to have huge implications in the copyright arena in Europe.”

The two spoke recently in a review of developments over the last 12 months in copyright law and legislation in France, Great Britain, and around the Continent. Colodron is the occasional host of special programs from RightsDirect within the Beyond the Book series. From 2000 to 2010, he held the post of Deputy CEO for CEDRO, the Spanish Reproduction Rights Organization. Listen now.