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Get papers quickly from any source including internal library holdings

PaperStream™ is a web application that improves R&D productivity by allowing you to organize, search and retrieve research materials across your subscriptions, locally stored copies, internal literature, open access materials, and document delivery for fast, efficient search and access.

With PaperStream you maximize the value of your content subscriptions and purchases, while maintaining control over access and use based on your rights and permissions.

By enabling seamless integration with CCC's DirectPath™ rights advisory solution and Annual Copyright License, PaperStream provides the most copyright-compliant end-to-end content search, retrieval and rights management solution on the market.

PaperStream helps you:

  • Provide faster, better service to your researchers
  • Maximize the value of your content holdings
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Eliminate redundant document delivery orders

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