Copyright Clearance Center Signs Agreement with the Chinese Medical Association
Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center Signs Agreement with the Chinese Medical Association

The Largest Medical Journal Publisher in China Joins Science Press and Other Leading Chinese Publishers Licensing Content Through CCC’s Annual Copyright License and
Pay-Per-Use Services

Danvers, Mass. – Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a not-for-profit organization and leading provider of licensing solutions, announces an agreement with the Chinese Medical Association (CMA), the largest medical journal publisher in China.

The CMA joins Science Press, the Journal of Chinese Integrated Medicine, Beijing Forestry University and Baishibeng Publishing Group as Chinese publishers using CCC’s core services, the Annual Copyright License and Pay-Per-Use Services, for the licensing of their content. Among CMA’s 126 titles are the Chinese Medical Journal and the National Medical Journal of China.

“When rightsholders license their content through CCC, they maintain total control and gain insight into how their content is reused, made available for reuse,” said Miles McNamee, VP, Licensing and Business Development, CCC. “Our solutions simplify the licensing process, making it easier for content users to obtain and pay for the permissions they need.”

CMA and other participating rightsholders also have access to RightsCentral, a secure online reporting and communications hub that helps manage rights, update pricing, respond to permission requests and track content usage.

CMA is a non-profit registered academic and commonweal corporate body voluntarily formed by Chinese medical science and technology professionals. Established in 1915, it now has a membership of about 500,000, publishes 126 medical journals, and has 84 specialty societies under its umbrella, covering all medical fields.

The CMA agreement was brokered by global publishing services company, The Charlesworth Group.

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