Oxford University Press and CCC Provide University Customers With Expanded Reuse Rights
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Oxford University Press and CCC Provide University Customers With Expanded Reuse Rights

~100,000 Book, Journal Titles Added to CCC's Annual Academic Copyright License; Complements OUP's Book and Journal Offerings

DANVERS, MA., January 11, 2010—Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), a not-for-profit organization that is the world's leading provider of copyright licensing solutions, has announced that Oxford University Press,Inc. (OUP-USA ) signed an agreement to license the reuse of approximately 100,000 books and journals from the U.S. and Oxford University Press in the U.K. (OUP UK), making these titles even more broadly available to higher education institutions subscribing to CCC's Annual Copyright License for Academic Institutions.

With the addition of OUP, Inc., there are now over 800 publisher and author rights holders participating in CCC's Annual Copyright License, a repertory covering more than 1.4 million of the most highly used titles in academia.

Founded in 1856, Oxford University Press is the oldest and largest continuously operating university press in the world, with a network of divisions, branches and related companies around the globe, including OUP, Inc. in the USA.

"OUP UK's and OUP, Inc.'s missions are to maximize access to the best in research and scholarship and we are committed to keep looking for new ways to ensure that the higher education community has such access, while protecting copyrighted materials on behalf of our authors and ourselves," said Evan Schnittman, vice president, global business development for OUP. "For existing OUP customers, this agreement creates an immediate additional benefit as CCC's repertory license is a comprehensive, uniform set of rights that extends and complements our subscription and perpetual access usage rights, in addition to print products. This will include Oxford Scholarship Online, which currently contains the full text of more than 3,000 scholarly monographs, the Oxford Digital Reference Shelf, Grove Music Online, and many more products. The additional benefits provided to the subscribing institutions will be a welcome development to both libraries and the academic community."

"The innovation behind CCC's Annual Copyright License is to provide content users campus-wide with a single point for the copyright permissions they need, while still respecting the intellectual property rights of publishers and authors," said Tracey Armstrong, chief executive officer of Copyright Clearance Center. "We are excited to work together with OUP to bring universities an expanded set of rights and means of using copyrighted material."

OUP joins a growing number of rightsholders making their content available for reuse under CCC's Annual Academic Copyright License including Elsevier, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Dow Jones, and SAGE.

CCC's Annual Copyright License is a single, institution-wide license that provides faculty and staff with convenient, pre-approved permissions to use content in course management systems, paper and electronic course packs, electronic library reserves, research collaboration, and other educational purposes. Created in partnership with colleges and universities, the License supplements existing CCC licensing programs available to institutions of higher education and is designed to meet even more conveniently the copyright needs of today's academic institutions.

A wide variety of works are licensed through the CCC service, including in-print and out-of-print books, journals, newspapers, blogs and e-books. The Annual Copyright License has been adopted by all 15 campuses of the University of Texas system in addition to other academic institutions including Middlebury College, Walden University and SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

More information on the Annual Copyright License is available at www.copyright.com/academic.

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