American Physical Society Deploys RightsLink to Power Online Author Services Platform
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American Physical Society Deploys RightsLink to Power Online Author Services Platform

110 year-old organization of physicists selects automated licensing solution from Copyright Clearance Center to manage e-commerce between its journals and authors

DANVERS, Mass., October 7, 2009—Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), the world's leading provider of copyright licensing solutions today announced that The American Physical Society (APS), a leading voice for physics, has selected RightsLink, CCC's point-of-content licensing solution, to power its expanded author services program.

APS has been producing journals since 1913, when they took over the operation of the Physical Review (founded in Cornell University in 1893) and now publishes over 18,000 articles per year in nine different journals, covering all disciplines of physics and areas of study. APS has chosen RightsLink to automate their author services program. This will enable APS to provide their authors with optimum service through the ability to easily order reprints and manage publication fees, while providing APS with better management control, as RightsLink replaces many transactions and processes they currently handle manually or outsource to vendors.

APS and CCC have established a close collaboration while implementing a robust Application Program Interface (API) between their systems that enables APS to remain in control of their business rules and the ability to rapidly introduce new services offered by RightsLink.

"The APS journals serve the international community of physicists, and our interactions with this author community are extremely important to the organization," said Gene D. Sprouse, Editor in Chief of the APS. "Therefore, we strive to continually improve the interactions with our authors through a robust author services programs. RightsLink will be a powerful addition to this program providing us greater flexibility to continually adapt and adjust our services to meet our authors' needs over time."

APS joins a number of other publishers who have chosen RightsLink to manage, systematize and better monetize their author services programs. RightsLink is a proven solution used by publishers around the world to easily license and sell their content online to authors and other customers of all types.

"Integrating RightsLink into their author services program will enable APS to better meet the needs of the hundreds of authors and contributors they interact with every day," said Miles McNamee, vice president of licensing and business development for CCC. "RightsLink will streamline the entire process, creating major efficiencies for both APS and their authors."

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About The American Physical Society
The American Physical Society was founded on May 20, 1899, when 36 physicists gathered at Columbia University for that purpose. They proclaimed the mission of the new Society to be "to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics". APS strives to be a leading voice for physics and an authoritative source of physics information for the advancement of physics and the benefit of humanity, to collaborate with national scientific societies for the advancement of science, and to cooperate with international physics societies to promote physics. APS is one of the world's largest professional bodies of physicists, representing over 47,000 physicists in academia and industry in the US and internationally. APS has offices in College Park, MD, Washington, D.C., and Ridge, NY. For more information, please visit

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