American Academy of Pediatrics Creates Online Content Licensing Solution with Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink®
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American Academy of Pediatrics Creates Online Content Licensing Solution with Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink®

DANVERS, MA., June 30, 2009—The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has partnered with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), the world's largest provider of copyright licensing solutions, to make it easy for individuals and organizations to obtain copyright permissions by integrating CCC's RightsLink point-of-content licensing solution into its online publications.

Visitors to AAP's website ( can now use the RightsLink functionality to obtain permission directly online for all of the AAP journals including; AAP Grand RoundsTM, AAP NewsTM, NeoReviewsTM, Pediatrics® and Pediatrics in Review®.

RightsLink provides visitors to the AAP website with instant copyright permission for the content they need, when they need it. Because RightsLink's integration is virtually transparent, readers get permission in a secure and easy-to-navigate environment, and can avoid the potential delays of manual permission request processing. RightsLink's customizable reporting tools provide AAP with real-time information to help keep their system operating at peak efficiency and help improve the overall customer experience.

"Implementing RightsLink into our publishing model helped streamline our processes, and the transition was seamless," said Joe Puskarz, AAP's Senior Managing Editor.

"AAP Journals contain some of the most important research and information available today regarding pediatric medicine. With a RightsLink content licensing solution in place, we can help AAP get this information into the hands of its content users faster and easier through their website, 24/7," said Miles McNamee, Vice President, Licensing & Rightsholder Relations, at Copyright Clearance Center.

Today, RightsLink is tagged on more than over 17 million articles and manages 200+ million rights globally. It is in use with more than 1,000 scientific, academic and professional journals and hundreds of leading publications, including; Elsevier, Dow Jones, The New York Times Company, Springer, Taylor & Francis, O'Reilly Media, Time Inc., Oxford University Press, Nature Publishing Group, The University of Chicago Press, and USA Today.

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