American Institute of Physics Expands Use of Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink® into its Author Services Program
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American Institute of Physics Expands Use of Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink® into its Author Services Program

DANVERS, MA., May 28, 2009—Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), the world's leading provider of copyright licensing solutions, announced today that The American Institute of Physics (AIP), has expanded its use of CCC's RightsLink to provide a quick and easy way for authors and customers to order reprints, purchase published works and manage charge processing in an efficient, online environment.

AIP, a leading scientific, technical and medical (STM) publisher, initially implemented RightsLink in 2004 to manage permission requests. The expanded implementation integrates RightsLink with the publisher's manuscript processing system, enabling AIP and its publisher partners to provide links to authors throughout the manuscript processing schedule that take the author directly into the order processing system. Authors are able to select the product and/or service they wish to purchase (e.g. page or color charges, reprints, etc.) and pay online via credit card or request an invoice for offline payment. All these features have been integrated into AIP's standard communications with the authors, replacing the need for time-consuming and labor-intensive author forms, faxes and email requests.

RightsLink's real-time management system provides AIP with an instantaneous view into daily operations and the system will also be integrated with AIP's print suppliers so that orders will flow seamlessly into the appropriate print workflow.

"We are very pleased to be expanding our relationship with CCC by implementing RightsLink into our management processing workflow," said Lori Carlin, Director of Fulfillment and Marketing Services of the American Institute of Physics. "RightsLink will help us to both improve our relationship with authors through better communication and it will help us to build efficiencies into our Author Services program."

"AIP is a dynamic organization that presented us with unique challenges, as they not only manage their own journals, but they also support many other societies' journal programs, each with its own business rules and procedures. Working together, AIP and CCC were able to tailor the RightsLink deployment to accommodate needs of all the societies that utilize AIP's author services," said Robert McKinney, Director of Business Development of Copyright Clearance Center." We're pleased that we have been able to build upon our existing relationship and help craft a solution that benefits their staff, partners, authors and ultimately their readers."

Today, RightsLink is tagged on more than 17 million articles and manages hundreds of millions of rights globally. It is in use with more than 3,000 scientific, academic and professional journals and hundreds of leading publications, including Elsevier, the American Chemical Society, IEEE, Nature Publishing and many more.

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AIP Publishing Services ( is a division of the American Institute of Physics (, a not-for-profit corporation chartered in 1931 to provide publishing and distribution services for scientific societies.

Its Scitation® online publishing platform currently hosts more than 1,000,000 articles from more than 170 scholarly publications for 25 learned society publishers. AIP's suite of publishing services also covers every aspect of journal production, with complete management oversight from receipt of authors' manuscripts through print and online distribution.

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