Cambridge University Press Now Offers Copyright Permissions Online with RightsLink®
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Cambridge University Press Now Offers Copyright Permissions Online with RightsLink®

DANVERS, Mass., March 4, 2009—Cambridge Journals, a division of Cambridge University Press, has implemented Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink® to provide its readers a fast and easy way to obtain permission to use published material via the Internet.

Visitors to Cambridge Journals' online hub,, can now easily obtain permissions by accessing the relevant article and selecting the RightsLink "request permissions" button. RightsLink helps improve customer service and satisfaction by automating many of the standard processes and identifying those requests that need personal attention. Most licenses will be processed and granted immediately.

"RightsLink was an obvious choice for Cambridge Journals as we are always striving to improve the user experience for our readers," said Simon Ross, Director, Cambridge Journals. "In addition to improved customer satisfaction, we also anticipate an immediate increase in permissions revenues as users begin to see the benefits of RightsLink."

RightsLink supports publishers' online strategy by providing content users with instant reprint and permission services, 24/7, worldwide. RightsLink helps publishers generate new revenue, improve customer satisfaction and gain valuable insight into customer buying habits and behavior.

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