ReadyImagesTM Service from Copyright Clearance Center Provides Businesses with Access to Quality Pre-licensed Images
Copyright Clearance Center

ReadyImagesTM Service from Copyright Clearance Center Provides Businesses with Access to Quality Pre-licensed Images

Reduces risks associated with using unauthorized photos

DANVERS, Mass., November 12, 2008—Copyright Clearance Center, the world's largest provider of copyright licensing solutions, today introduced ReadyImages (, an enterprise-wide service that provides employees with access to more than 1 million pre-licensed, professional images to add visual impact to presentations, internal communications and more. Employees no longer need to use unlicensed images found on the Web. With ReadyImages, they get the high-quality photos they want in the sizes they need, with the rights to use them, for a single annual fee.

A ReadyImages license is the responsible way for employees to search, select and download images from a large and growing database of photos. The service is highly cost-effective and easy to use. There are no logins or checkout processes to navigate, and the annual fee includes all image sizes and resolutions, so employees can quickly improve the look of presentations and other materials.

A ReadyImages license can be purchased for domestic or global use, depending upon the needs of the organization. The license covers all employees, regardless of role or job function. With ReadyImages you can reduce the risks associated with using unauthorized images and demonstrate your company's respect for intellectual property.

"CCC has provided a robust image database that nicely complements our company's existing digital asset management system," said Bruce Bruemmer, Director of Corporate Archives for Cargill Incorporated's Department of Corporate Affairs. "Employees can use ReadyImages to obtain quality images suitable for presentations on almost any topic. It gives employees a place to browse a broad collection of images for ideas and frees our creative people from needing to provide topical images."

CCC developed the service in partnership with Alamy, a well-respected UK-based online stock provider. "CCC has used its experience in licensing content to solve a big headache for corporations," said Alamy CEO James West. "They have recognized that businesses want a risk-free way of sourcing pictures online for internal communications. We are excited to have the opportunity of combining CCC's licensing expertise with our database of high-quality images."

"Customers came to us asking for a solution that helps them find quality images and also provides them with the rights they need to use those images for business purposes," said Bill Burger, Vice President of Marketing at Copyright Clearance Center. "ReadyImages is an incredibly cost-effective way to make sure that everyone in the organization has immediate access to quality, licensed, professional images."

Noting the importance of the usage rights that ReadyImages provides, Cargill's Bruce Bruemmer said, "the licensing provisions alone offer a good return on our investment; they represent a sensible alternative to the headache of negotiating rights for each outside image."

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