The Economist Selects CCC's RightsLink® for Easy Online Ordering of Reprints & Permissions
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The Economist Selects CCC's RightsLink® for Easy Online Ordering of
Reprints & Permissions

Danvers, Mass., October 14, 2008-The Economist, the leading international news and business magazine, has selected Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink® service to provide its readers and subscribers with a fast and easy way to obtain copyright permission online. Beginning in December 2008, The Economist will also utilize RightsLink capabilities to allow readers to quickly and easily order article reprints online.

With 1.3 million subscribers in more than 200 countries around the globe, The Economist is one of the world's most influential news magazines. RightsLink will allow the publication's approximately 4 million readers to quickly and easily license content and order reprints through the publications website at

Currently found on more than 8,000 journals and thousands of books worldwide, RightsLink is the market-leading point-of-content licensing application. RightsLink's real-time reporting capabilities provide publishers with a comprehensive view of licensing and reprint activity to help them better understand who is licensing their content and how it is being used. The end result is that the publisher has a better, more responsive relationship with their customers which results in higher revenue.

"The Economist is a world leader in business news, reporting and analysis and users are looking to license content from this authoritative source for a variety of uses," said Bob Weiner, Senior Vice President of Licensing for CCC. "We are delighted that The Economist has chosen RightsLink to streamline this process and get readers the permission they need in a quick and efficient manner."

The Economist joins an ever growing list of distinguished publishers using RightsLink including: Elsevier, Dow Jones, The New York Times Company, Springer, Taylor & Francis, O'Reilly Media, Time Inc., Oxford University Press, Nature Publishing Group, The University of Chicago Press, and USA Today.

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