Copyright Clearance Center Integrates Licensing Services with Stanford's HighWire Press
Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center Integrates Licensing Services with Stanford's HighWire Press

DANVERS, Mass., Dec. 4, 2007—Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), the world's largest provider of copyright licensing solutions, today announced that scientists, researchers, physicians, college faculty and other readers of scholarly journals hosted by Stanford University's HighWire Press now can obtain permissions and licenses to use content from those journals in a variety of ways.

HighWire becomes CCC's first scholarly journal hosting partner to place prominent links to CCC's licensing services on full-text articles and abstracts. More than 130 scholarly publishers utilize HighWire for online production and hosting of content from more than 1,000 individual journals. Some of those publishers already use CCC's RightsLink service to manage their online rights and permissions process through HighWire and they will continue to do so. This new integration means that all of HighWire's publisher partners now have a choice of how they would like to work with CCC.

HighWire-hosted publishers, such as the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the American Academy of Neurology, produce 71 of the 200 most frequently cited journals in the life sciences.

HighWire joins Elsevier, Docutek, OCLC, Atlas Systems and ProQuest, among others, who have integrated CCC's easy-to-use licensing capabilities into their own services through CCC's Rightsconnect program.

"CCC is dedicated to making it easy for people to license content they need and use," said Bob Weiner, CCC Senior Vice President of Licensing. "HighWire's roster of premier scholarly journals is an important source of information, and we are delighted to be working in partnership with HighWire on this enhancement to their platform."

"Progress in scientific research depends on collaboration," said Nancy Rodnan, Director of Publications, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, publisher of the Journal of Biological Chemistry. "The CCC-HighWire integration can only make it easier and faster for scholars and researchers to share knowledge."

"We are delighted to bring this added benefit to HighWire-hosted publishers," said John Sack, Director of HighWire Press. "The placement of these links alongside the article will facilitate copyright-compliant re-use of content and simplify the process of searching for and obtaining permissions, saving time for researchers and publishers alike."

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