O'Reilly Media Uses Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink® To Offer Flexible Content Licensing
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O'Reilly Media Uses Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink® To Offer Flexible Content Licensing

DANVERS, Mass., June 18, 2007—Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), the world's largest provider of copyright licensing solutions, announced today that O'Reilly Media, an innovative publisher of books, online services and magazines on new technology, is utilizing CCC's RightsLink® service to monetize its content online. RightsLink provides O'Reilly customers streamlined online licensing and reprint ordering capabilities while also delivering O'Reilly product managers and editors insights into customer preferences and market trends.

With RightsLink, O'Reilly customers identify and license specific pieces of content—from entire book chapters down to individual sentences or lines of computer code—for use in other publications, websites, CDs, DVDs, course packs or presentations. Customers license only what they need. Purchases are then compiled into real-time reports, providing O'Reilly managers with improved market understanding that helps them refine O'Reilly content.

"RightsLink has strong Web 2.0-like qualities for O'Reilly," said Allen Noren, O'Reilly's Director of Online Media. "We chunk up our content in very granular ways. Every page of O'Reilly content has a link to RightsLink and we break down content at the chapter level and then drill down further into short passages, paragraphs—even sentences and snippets of code. O'Reilly is all about using the Web to deliver new services to customers and using their feedback to improve our products. RightsLink gives us better customer understanding while delivering to them the rights and reprints they need faster and more efficiently."

O'Reilly Media joins a growing group of leading publishers that have selected CCC's RightsLink service for online permissions or reprint ordering. These include Elsevier, The University of Chicago Press, Oxford University Press, Springer and Nature Publishing Group, among many others.

"We are delighted O'Reilly has adopted RightsLink," said Bill Burger, Vice President, Marketing, CCC. "O'Reilly is a trendsetter and one of the publishing industry's most innovative adopters of new technology. RightsLink serves O'Reilly's strategic publishing goals by helping the company deliver even greater value and choice to its customers while creating new ways to use and leverage content online."

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